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7 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Boyfriend

All relationships do not have a happy ending and that is no great deal for when the time arrives that your relationship has run its course, the decision for a breakup can be the best solution. You heart might feel empty or broken but at times when nothing seems to work out then accepting it as a Sign To Leave Your Boyfriend is a matured choice than opting to continue clinging to a passionless bond. Moreover, when a relationship is on rocks there will be Signs Indicating Break up with Your Boyfriend.

Some of us just ignore the suggested Advices on Breakup resulting in further complicacies and disappointments in the bonding. Neither allow your heart to get pummelled nor become blind towards the Signs to Breakup with Your Boyfriend. The avoidance he has been showing up towards you or the excuses he has been coming up of late are nothing but the signals that your relationship will soon come to a pause.  What is the purpose of continuing a relation over shadowed by monotony and disapprovals?

7 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Boyfriend

The 7 Signs It’s Time to Leave your Boyfriend will clear out all the confusions that you have been bewildered with all these time owing to the things working up between you two.

Perfect Reasons To Leave Your Boyfriend


1. Controlling Freak

Just like all living beings need oxygen to survive even a relationship requires certain percentage of individual space to move on smoothly. If this is not the case with you, if your partner is too dominating and tries to interfere in whatever you do, then it is a sign that you leave your boyfriend. He being the male does not give him the right to control you or bully you.

2. Jealousy – His Favourite Emotion

Someone madly in love with his partner will neither be jealous of her success nor with anything that she does. If he asks you to stop interacting with the handsome waiter in a restaurant or keeps track of your daily activities, your relationship will be suffocated quicker than you can imagine. Jealously is a creepy emotion which will not leave until the bonding turns sour. So before things takes on an ugly face try to sort out things and move on.

3. The Perfect Womaniser

If he continues flirting with girls despite you being his partner, you ought to rethink about your value in his life. Obviously, he is not serious with you. Moreover, it is an insult to you that he can’t be content with you. Yes, you need to speak things out clear on his face and let him know that you can’t stand the way things are showing up.

4. One with Lazy Bones

No sooner had he shifted with you, he has quitted his job, locked his car in your garage and the only activity he does throughout the day is to lie on your sofa and watch TV or play game. You are absolutely right – he is completely dependant on you and has no constructive plans for his future and career. Slowly he will become a parasite eating away your savings and earning. So before that happens, drop him out of your life.

5. No Future on the Radar

A guy who is seriously involved with you will have future plans including you. While sorting out things for the days to come, your approvals and wishes will matter to him. But in case that is not the type of guy your partner is, you need to decide whether to stay with him and mourn later or leave him right away and be happy in your later life.

6. He is Not the Same

The guy you fell in love with is no longer now. If you feel that he has changed over the time, is less concerning and has other priorities now-a-days then simply staying mum will not help. Might be he is busy due to certain things but that does not mean he will completely turn his back on you. It is your life even and so taking the right advice on breakup is necessary for future happiness.

7. Lack of Happiness

Despite having all the wealth and luxuries, a relationship lacking in happiness is just not the right kind of bond to look forward to. So why compromise? Look out for newer ways and regain back the lost contentment.

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