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Significance Of Roses

Flowers are the most beautiful creation of God and symbolize with the most adorable and beautiful feeling called Love. On 14th February the day of love, Valentine’s Day flowers convey message of love to your significant one in the most beautiful manner. With the different stages of love and friendship, feelings for each other gets transformed and changes with the period of time. And Valentine’s Day flowers has collection of roses and other flowers to depict each feeling of love, friendship, emotions, romance or even hatred. When you are planning to gift a surprise and Valentine’s Day flowers for your love interest, gauge your feelings and find the best suitable flower of love for your Valentine.

Valentine’s Day flowers are the best gift to celebrate your relationship, be it with your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, friends, family or just acquaintances. The day of love is celebrated with every close relation who is close to heart and admired by you. Valentine day flowers and their significance in life are well described below by valentine carnival to make your Valentine a meaningful and cherishing day for you.

Significance Of Roses

Selection of flower between so many colors and variety is really tough as every color or flower shows or convey different feeling and emotion to the other.  A subtle message is conveyed with the flower you choose whether it is a deep red rose of passion or a canary yellow daffodil of hope. Below is a list of colors and the emotions they portray as well as a variety of flowers available in those colors.

Celebrate Rose Day With Different Coloured Roses


  • Red Roses- The most famous and cutest rose is Red rose which say “I Love You” in the most passionate way. Romance and passion are best describes with corsage of red roses. Let your Valentine know about your love and make her feel special with your loving and adoring gestures.
  • Yellow Roses- Nit just the love which is celebrated on the occasion of love but true friendship also. Yellow roses indicate the real friendship and freedom which does not bind the relation but gives true love and care of friends. Yellow roses also indicates happiness and glory and used for congratulations.
  • Pale Pink Roses- Pale pink roses signify grace, gentleness, and gratitude to your near and dear ones. On the special occasion of love, you can offer these pale pink roses to those entire special one’s who have been great support and gentle towards you.
  • A Light Pink Roses- Light pink rose shows fun and happiness. Gift cute light pink roses to all the cute friends with whom you have enjoyed a lot and had accompanied you in the all the excitements and in fun.
  • Deep Pink Roses- You can say “Thank you” to all the friends and close ones and more specially y to your love that has been in your side always and has supported you in all thin and thick.
  • A Lilac Roses- Lilac rose sends the message of first sight love to the receiver. Give a beautiful start to your love story by sending these romantic and admiring lilac roses.
  • White Roses- White the color of purity and honesty symbolize only two things which express the purest feelings of heart.  Let your partner know that he/she is missed by you in every single minute and you have all the purest feelings of love for him/her.
  • Peach Roses- Peach roses speak of appreciation and gratitude. Love and prosperity flows in air on the day of valentine and one must appreciate all the one who has made your life beautiful one or another way. This support and small happening matters a lot in life and every love gesture need appreciation to make cherishing memory.
  • Orange Roses- Orange roses converse enthusiasm and desire on the part of the sender.
  • Coral Roses- Desire is expressed through Coral roses as it has the passionate color.
  • Dead Roses- “It’s over” loud and clear is what conveyed by dead roses to the receiver.
  • Combined Roses- With two or more colors of roses together, and a new meaning arises with your roses: Buy Multi-Color Roses.
  • Single Red Rose- “I love you”
  • Single Rose Any Color- “I thank you”
  • White Roses + Yellow Roses- A symbol of harmony
  • Two Roses Entwined- An engagement or marriage is imminent.
  • Red Roses + Yellow Roses- A message of happiness and celebration
  • Red Roses + White Roses- An indication of bonding and harmony

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