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Role of Flowers In Our Life

Flowers are the beautiful, natural creation used by humans to express their emotions and feelings. The role of flowers can be mapped out in old religious texts, myths and folk tales. Apart from being the symbol of beauty, some flowers are also known for their herbal property and have been used as medicine from ancient times. Some of the flowers were found to be used as food and are still eaten by many tribes. In some ancient cultures, it was believed that flowers can please the spirits of their ancestors by decorating their tombs with particular type of flower.


The most essential role of flowers in our life is conveyance of emotions. There are some specific emotions and meaning, which have been attached to special type of color of flowers. Whether one has to express love, happiness, gratefulness or even grief, we have every type of flower for varying emotion.  On the other hand, flowers also affect our moods.


Importance of Flowers


Be it rose, lily, tulip or daffodil, all have immense importance in human life. Let’s know something more about the importance of flowers in our life.


Importance of Flowers in Life


  • Decoration –From age-old times, people are decorating their home with fragrant flowers which helps to intensify the beauty of the atmosphere. Sometimes it is also used to welcome guests at home. A bunch of flower kept at the dining area simply uplifts the mood. A beautiful lawn filled with colorful flowers gives the house unparalleled beauty and make it complete. Special occasions like marriage and birthday parties are just incomplete without flowers. Any venue decorated with flowers gives different beauty to the place.


  • Express Feelings and Emotions – What can be other ways to express love and inner feelings than flowers. Even a single red rose is enough to convey the feeling of love and it doesn’t require any further speech. The importance of flowers in our Life is best seen in love relationship where a bouquet of flower is enough to convey the hidden love and affection of your heart to your loved one. Roses have become symbols to express romantic notion between couples. A bouquet of red roses is perhaps the most popular and widely gift which is used to pour down and deliver all the warmth of the heart.


  • Swing your mood – Apart from decoration and expressing emotions, flowers have been used to affect the psyche or lighten the mood. Flowers refresh the mind and soothe the soul with their color, beauty and fragrance. Studies have proven that the presence of bright multi-colored flowers can change the mood, uplift it or yield happy emotions. It is also believed to possess healing properties. That’s why flowers are kept in hospital rooms and patients are offered flowers to get well soon.


  • Offering to the deities – From ages flowers is used as offerings to the deities in many cultures across the world. No Hindu worship is complete without flowers. Even it is believed that different deities have different preferences of flowers. The color of the flower is also very significant in this act.


  • Cosmetics – From old times flowers have been used as jewelries and cosmetics by women. Even in this modern age flowers are an integral part of many cosmetics. It is also used in spa treatment, which is enjoyed by many people.
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