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I’m Sorry Flowers

A bunch of I’m sorry flowers can work miracles in your relation. Arguments, small fights or silly mistakes are part of love and strong relationship. When you are in love, you may have disagreements with each other and then have arguments. It’s easy to do arguments but hard to resolve them and it’s harder to apologies and say sorry to your love. The more you wait, more you get nervous and tense to say sorry. You know your mistake but are less with words to say that and express your feelings of guilt to your love.

Instead of trying and playing with words for apology, it is better to use the most beautiful and appropriate flowers to get forgiveness from your partner. Like human, flowers do have language and express those feelings which you can’t say with words. To get forgiveness from your partner, choose her choice of flowers from the collection of I am sorry flowers and get a bouquet to make her happy. Almost every range of flower has a particular meaning associated with it, and there are several flower varieties considered to expressly symbolize the sentiment “I’m sorry.”

I'm Sorry Flowers

The type of flowers and whether it should be bunch or a single rose will do completely depend on the receipts choice. The flowers do wonder with the words of apology and help you to get forgiveness from your partner. Some would like to have roses and someone else may get her heart melt with orchids.

The other options which you can gift to your partner to get forgiveness and make up the situation for your mistake. Chose your favourite flower and send it with a sorry note.

List of I’m Sorry Flowers

  • Lily of the Valley – Lily symbolize the return of happiness and it is best to use these flowers for forgiveness and let your friend or partner know that you are special and delicate like the flower and we both need to care for our relation very much.
  • Ivy – Let your partner know that you are dependable and committed like the flower Ivy. You can gift it with other flowers like white gardens and pro flowers which enhance the beauty of Ivy.
  • Star of Bethlehem– This is very uncommon flower and with its divine beauty with white color stands for reunion and makes it perfect for saying sorry. Say your feelings with purity and innocence of Bethlehem.
  • Yellow Rose– Yellow rose is worldwide famous as a symbol of friendship and innocence and you can also use for saying sorry to your close ones and let them know their significance in your life and make up the things.
  • Daffodil, White Chrysanthemum, Purple Hyacinth Bouquet- You can also create your own bouquet of different flowers for sorry to show your creativity and efforts to get her forgiveness. You can make bouquet of stems of chrysanthemum which express truthfulness; mix with stems of daffodils as a symbol of respect and some purple hyacinths for sorrow and apology for the mistake
  • Daisy, For-get-Me-Not, Mauve Bouquet- You can also make a bouquet with beauty of flowers like daisy which expresses steady loyalty and love mixed with forget me not which says to your partner faithful love and make her remember your sweet memories together and a single flower of mauve which ask her that is she still loves you?. This combination will make her mind and get you back your love.
  • Asphodel- Asphodel, a member of the lily family, can be used to convey several different sentiments. The most common symbolic association to it is that of “I’m sorry”. Indigenous to the Mediterranean and Asia, asphodel begins to blossom aromatic yellow and white flowers in late spring and continues to produce flowers into the early summer.
  • White Poppy- White poppy is another flower which is used to express sorrow. In giving white poppies, the bearer conveys sorrow and consolation. This flower grows easily in the summer with minimal care and needs to be cut only in the morning when the bulbs are tightly closed.
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