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Summer Flowers

Summer the time to enjoy the fragrance of flowers everywhere. Most famous summer daylilies are black-eyed Susan, daisy, phlox, and hibiscus. Summer gives you the chance to explore the beauty of flowers and colors of different variety.

The gardens look most beautiful in summer with the landscape petunia, begonia, and marigold with amazing colors. Summer flowers do not need much care like winter and abundance of growth of flowers has no comparison in summer. Some of the summer flowers are affected by the winter injury and need extra care of spring flowers to add the valuable addition to the beauty of garden.

Every beautiful thing in this world needs extra care and special treatment, the flowers of summer are so beautiful but need nothing much but special attention to grow and beautify the garden. Put a little extra care of summer flowers and then enjoy the beauty and fragrance of flowers in the patio pots, window boxes, hanging baskets and you can also put them in containers and placed them outside your home to enhance the beauty of entrance.


Popular Summer Seasons Flowers

Amaranthus- Amarnthus has other names also like Amaranth, Tampala, Tassel Flower, Flaming Fountain, Fountain Plant, Joseph’s Coat, Love-lies-bleeding, Molten Flower, Prince’s Feather and Summer Poinsettia. It is flower of summer which grows in tropical regions and high temperature. These flowers are large in size and bushy grows about 90to 130 cm in height.

Iris– Iris has lot of variety and colors such as blue, purple, white, yellow, pink, orange, brown and even black that’s why in some regions it is also called as rainbow. It is so beautiful in different colors and bloom. IT is considered as a symbol of communication and messages. Ever you need a flower is to express your feelings use the eloquence of iris. The purity is symbol of flower Iris.

Lisianthus- Lisianthus grows mostly in grasslands and areas of disturbed lands in southern United States, Mexico, Caribbean and northern South America. It has long stem and have bluish green slightly succulent leaves and large funnel shaped flowers. It has a unique oval shaped leaves and delicate petals which separate it from other flowers.

Carnations- Carnation is the flowers by god as its other name depicts its meaning Dianthus which is combination of two god and flower. Carnation has got popularity because of its numerous colors and different meaning to every color. The three major carnations are annual, border, perpetual flowering carnation.

Asters– Asters has different names like Starworts, Michaelmas Daisies, or Frost Flowers.  The star like flowers in different colors white, red, pink, purple, lavender and blue mostly with yellow centers are unique in species of this kind.  The beauty of aster is very unique and attractive with a different color center and petals of same colors.

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