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Women Flirting Signs

As they say, even God can’t understand women. Women flirting signs have always been a topic of discussion for men but they are seldom able to decode the patners behaviour. A man and woman’s brain are biologically different in certain aspects. But with some reading about women flirting signs you can get your moves right. You should always keep in mind that it is not just you who is focussing on the woman. She is also taking note of your behaviour.

So you should always take care of certain things while flirting with a woman to earn some brownie points. You should never take your eyes off her face. While looking at the surroundings once or twice might not be an offence but looking below her neck definitely is.

Women can broadly be classified into two categories, first the ‘say it all’ types, who are more verbal about their feelings and those who say it with gestures. You do not need any assistance while interacting with the first type. But you definitely need some guidance while dealing with the second category.

Women Flirting Signs

It is not very difficult to interpret women flirting signals, if you pay attention to details of a women’s words, actions and postures. Remember it is still fine not to react to a gesture but interpreting a sign wrong can lead to a bad ending. For your convenience we have compiled a list of the most common women flirting signs in the following section.

Sure-Shot Signs She is Flirting With You

  • If a woman is checking you out from a distance for a while now, take the clue and make your move. It is the most obvious among the women flirting signs.
  • If a woman smiles a lot when you are around, she is into you. Also, notice how often she giggles or laughs when she is talking to you as compared to others.
  • When a woman is interested in you, she pays more attention to whatever you have to say. So just to cross check, say a couple of lame things (not more), if she entertains that as well, you have got yourself a date. So in the next couple of hours ask her out.
  • If a woman is playing with her hair while talking to you. It can be considered a sign. But you should pay special attention to how she is playing with her hair. Because some women have a habit of mingling with their hair. So if the lady is scrutinising her hair or she is looking at her hair while playing with them during your conversation. She is not giving any sign. But if she is rolling a strand around her finger, it is definitely one of the women flirting signs.
  • Women try to show their best side to you when they are flirting. They will pay much attention to their looks and their words. If this woman is going to wash room frequently, it might be a make-up and hair up-keep exercise. If she sets her hair with her hands after every 10-15 minutes, she is concerned about her looks. You have another one of women flirting signs.
  • You should pay attention to the body language to find out women flirting sign. If while talking to you, a woman is leaning forward towards you or if she sits with crossed legs or if she is subtly brushing your hand or shoulder with her fingers, you have noticed some sure shot women flirting signs.
  • Another of women flirting signs is when a woman’s whole attention is on you. If others try to talk to her she cuts the conversation short. Most of the times she avoids a phone call and even if she attends to the call she hangs up quickly. This surely means she is interested in you.
  • When a woman is interested in you she will definitely flaunt the ‘single’ tag. She will talk to you about bad break-ups, her expectations from a guy and she might talk about some of her heart breaking moments to you. While these are sure shot women flirting signals. But you should know that this woman might be looking for a long term relation with you.
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