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Top 10 Popular Flirting Tips

Flirting is great fun and an exciting technique to persuade an object of your interest. Top 10 Flirting Tips will get you to the person you are looking forward to spend good time together as attraction is something which touches everyone’s heart. Flirting is the second step of attraction. Meeting strangers and getting attracted on them always been a custom of young age but there have been introvert and shy individuals who does not have courage or know tactics to approach the girl and this is where Top 10 Flirting Tips will come into use. Glancing eyes, smiling face and little conversation is something everyone know about flirting but the way of doing this has been changed and need a sharp and subtle ways to do. Top 10 Flirting Tips is the list of most working flirting approaches which works for everyone.

You never know little flirting of young age can turn into a strong relationship for long life or it may end as a fun of some months which has wonderful memories. Flirting tips will teach you the way to approach a girl or guy in exciting and innovative ways which match the light of love and romance between two hearts.

Flirting Tips

The list of flirting tips for men and women will help you to flatter the opposite gender without letting them know about your feelings.

Popular Flirting Tips


  • Exhibit your best– You want to impress the opposite gender, just use best talent or feature to flaunt in front of him/her. You must have received compliments for your best body, eyes, and smiles anything. Just have confident and exhibit your best in best way to impress the opposite gender. Make him/her realize the benefits of your company.
  • Making eye-contact- Eyes works the most in flirting. You may jumble her mind but your eyes will impact directly on the heart.  Eyes will surely make him/her think about you at home also. Make a deep impact by gazing her eyes and conveying the message of your heart to the object of interest.
  • Offer drink– Show your etiquettes and ask for a drink to share. If she agrees to share that means half of the battle you have already won and if she don’t then at least you will know there is long way to go.  For the first time, never offer a hard drink and be a gentle man by selecting an appropriate soft drink.
  • Perfect your body language– Look into his/her eyes, have confident while talking and stand towards him/her. Body language says the things which you can’t. Flirting can be defined best by eyes and body language. Comfort zone between you two can only be enumerated by your body languages.
  • Small talk– You are new to your interested person. Do only small talks to check his/her interest in you. Always plan something interesting like any movie or famous band which can be discussed by everyone. Don’t splurge about yourself in first meeting and give her chance to talk and initiate an interesting conversation.
  • Little nagging– Do little nagging to jealous her or make her/him your importance. The best way to nag somebody is to react in very plane expressions that you don’t even notice his/her effort by simply saying yes or no. It will make them more curious and stimulating towards you.
  • Make regular contact- Ask for his/her mobile number and remain regular contact with funny, romantic, lovely text messages. Text messages are the best way to connect to other person without much effort. From good morning to goodnight message you can show your crush that you are thinking about him/her all the day long.
  • Come up with a Compliment- Starting conversation with a nice compliment is always a smart pick in flirting tips. Select any of the best look to compliment her like her hair, smile, glowing skin, twinkling eyes anything. It will make you friendly with them and start a conversation in a friendly manner. This is one of the default flirting tip which always works for fresher.
  • Remember every detail- Give full concentration and make a mental note of her belongings like her earrings to her shoes and everything else in between.  That’s make the opposite gender fall for you and touches the heart as you actually remembered everything about her and gave her full attention while talking or gazing.
  • Make Her Laugh- It’s no secret that making a woman laugh is one of the quickest ways to get her attention.  Sense of humor is one quality every woman looks in her boyfriend. By making her laugh on your original jokes, you can make her curious about you and put zest in her to spend some more time with you.
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