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Flirting Signals

How do you know that someone is flirting with you or not? Is she flirting with me or just being friendly? Is he really likes me or this is his nature? So many questions and confusions about the flirting signals tense you. Even a smart guy takes time and finds it difficult to read the mind of opposite gender. Flirting signals aren’t always straight forward to get noticed easily.


Flirting is not done by the word of mouth, so anyone catch it. Flirting signals can be judged by the deep thinking people or you can do by the help of these flirting signals advices. Flirting uses the body language rather than speaking. The smart people even know the way to hide their talent of flirt. Flirting is something in which everyone has involved at some point of age; every individual has tried to be acquaintance with anyone in their life.

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How To Judge Flirting Signals

Eyes say the Truth– The best way to catch the flirting is to gaze in the eyes of individual. Eyes don’t lie; you will have the answer in his/her eyes. He/she must look at you two to three times in a minute if he/she is flirting with you.


Hidden Gestures– Staring at you when you are busy in your own work is the flirting signal or an act of deep interest in you. He/she will try to help you in every possible manner. He/she will have big smile while gazing at you and will try to hide it from you sometimes.


Busy in her/him Self– If the girl is flirting with you, she will play with her hair or will try to show you that she is engaged in herself and waiting for you to say something or break the silence. The guy will start playing with his cellphone and will show you the applications of phone and try to involve you in his activities.


Isolation from Friends– The biggest signal of flirting is that the individual of any gender, if he/she is flirting with you they will be isolated from their friends when you are around. Giving you time to chat and make you realize that they are waiting for lonely is the signals that yes you can come and start talking.


Body Language– If he/she is showing you comfort while standing close to you. If he/she accidently came on you and still have a smile on his/her face that means he/she is ready to intimate relation with you. Body language means the way he/she is standing in front of and how much she is comfortable with your body touch.


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