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Men Flirting Signs

Men flirting signs are primarily certain aspects of men’s behaviour and body language which are explicitly evident only when a man is interested in you. Men flirting signals are basically the tactics to let you know about their interest in you.  When a man wants to grab your attention he acts in a certain manner around you. However, the flirting signs are almost the same for all men. So it is easy to decode the men flirting signals.


The key to interpret men flirting signs is looking into your own mind. Putting yourself into his shoes will definitely help you comprehend these flirting signals to some extent. Think of a situation when you are into a man. You will behave in a certain manner to get his attention, to impress him and to convey your liking for him. You can also read between the lines simply by focussing on his facial expressions and hand movements when he is in conversation with you. One other way is to check with his friends when you notice some of the men flirting signs. You can simply walk up to one of his friends and ask him casually if he is always like that. There are bright chances that you will get your answer.


Men Flirting Signs


While this makes you familiar with some basics of men flirting, the next section will take you through the major men flirting signs.  You can go through our list of men flirting signs to find out if you are a part of some one’s dreams or if you have got an admirer.


Men Flirting Signs


  • If a man is interested in you, he will try to get your attention by standing out in the group. He will try to display qualities like chivalry, humour and intellectuality. He might become a bit louder or more talkative. If he tries to strike a private conversation with you or asks you to sit in a quieter place with him, and gradually shifts to personal conversations with you. Contemplate his actions as guaranteed men flirting signals.
  • When a man is interested in you he will make an eye contact with you. You should notice his gaze, if he blinks a lot or he is not taking his eyes off you and if you see that childish glow in his eyes. You are surely on his mind. But if his eyes flicker below your neck every now and then, it indicates that your figure attracts him. So start a good conversation to make him interested in your mind as well.
  • You should pay attention to his laugh as well. If he chuckle more when you are around. He is undoubtedly interested in you. Watch out for crow feet at the corners of his eyes when he giggles. That is a definite indication of him being comfortable with you. He is genuinely into your humour and likes you.
  • When men are flirting, they lean forward towards you during a conversation. If you are also interested in him then reciprocate by leaning towards him and showing your interest in what he is saying. If you both are sitting side ways, adjust your posture to come face to face with him.
  • Men are seldom very formal with their female friends. So if he opens up the gate for you; carry your bags or does other such gentlemen things. He wants to convey that you mean something more to him than just a friend.
  • If a man teases you or makes fun of you he can be into you. This sign can be misread. As there is a possibility that it is in his nature. But if it is combined with some other men flirting signs you can assume he is into you. You can also cross check this men flirting sign. Tell him that he is getting offensive now and then act like you are annoyed. If he puts special efforts to apologise and make you feel better he is definitely into you.
  • To check if a man is flirting with you, pay attention to his style of touching you. If he rubs your arm or fingers, it is an expression of his care and affection for you. But when a man touches your back or holds you from waist. He is physically attracted to you.
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