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How to Know If She Likes Me

It is relatively difficult or impossible to read a girl’s mind. If she likes me then why she is ignoring me, why she is not with me? There are so many questions which can make you go nuts. Women are subtle about their feelings. Men feel so helpless in such situations, as it is too hard to initiate a lovey-dovey conversation with a woman. But without knowing her feelings it gets harder to anticipate whether she likes you or not. There are some gestures or signals by which you can comprehend the feelings of a woman.

How to Know If She Likes Me
Way to Find Out If She Likes Me


Taking extra care for looks

Is she taking extra care of her looks and appearance in front of you? Did you share your color preferences or choice with her some days back and now she is wearing your choice of dresses when she is with you, then she is interested in you. If she likes you she will put extra care to look good and nice to you. She will be wearing the colors of choice and taste.
She is laughing on your bad jokes

If she really likes you then she will enjoy your company and laugh on your ill-witty jokes as well when nobody else bothered to even smile. She would put extra care on your words and give extra attention to your words and emotions.
If she asks you to share her drink

She will ask you to share her drink to prove you that she is very much comfortable with you and ready for the intimate relationship with you.
Gathering information about you

If she asks you about your girlfriend or your past take it in a positive manner. She is interested in you and wants to move into a relationship with you. Most of the women ask it directly but others will go round and round to the question. Catch her expression when she is asking about it, she must be little nervous or jealous.
She blushes and smiles with no reason

When you are around the girl, she will blush and smile with no rhyme or reason. This is the signal that you are in her mind and she is feeling something special for you. She may also try to hide her face while smiling as she is feeling nervous and shy in front of you.
Is she putting extra efforts to be around you?

She wants to spend more and more time with you. She is ignoring her friends and per groups and spending time with you. Take her efforts in a positive way and feel special as she is working hard for you.

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