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Signs to Know If He Likes Me

He is with you but you are not sure about his feelings. He gives you signals but you are not able to recognize them. Is he flirting with you or have real true feelings for you? How to know if he likes me? You have start feeling for him and want your relation to move forward, but he saying anything and you are scared of rejection. All these questions are bothering you and you are so curious to know the answer. There is no one else but you who can judge and know the answer to your questions by noticing small things of him. Does he feel the same way you do, there are some tips given below to know the feelings of opposite gender.

Signs to Know If He Likes Me

Ways To Find Out If He Likes Me

Change in His Body Language
Is he different with you? He is looking directly into your eyes while talking to you. If he tries to come close to you in talking and trying to reduce the difference between you two, take it as a flirting sign. Try to find out if he is same with others also. Before talking to me, do check how he was treating others and talking to others. Body language of a person changes for the specific reason of crush or in attraction, if he is trying to impress you with that be happy he is working hard for you.

Getting Close to Your Friends
If a guy likes you, he will definitely want to know more about you and gather information about you from your friends and peer groups. You are close to your friends and value them so he will do the same to be in your comfort zone and to spend more time with you. Ask your friends if he was asking about your choice and priorities in life to them. If he likes you he wants to be acquaintance with you at any cost.

Catch That Little Stare at You
He is staring you and trying to hide it from you. He is watching you all the time and noticing your every act. When you look back to him, he turns his face with a smile. Consider these acts as flirting gestures.

Litlle Bit of Ignorance is There
He is talking confidently with his friends or any people around him. But when you are in group he is simply looking at his watch or start playing games in phone. He is getting nervous in front of you and behaving differently. He is behaving simply like this because he is nervous and wants to be perfect in front of his love interest.

Jealousy Factor is There
Start talking to other guys in front of him and look at his face. Is he getting nervous and feeling jealous or bad about it. Is he bothered to interrupt you between the conversations? Any guy will not able to handle this type of situation calmly, If he like you it will definitely show on his face when you ignore him and talk to somebody else.

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