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Is He Flirting

Flirting is subtle and is tool for guys to gauge if a girl is interesting in him or not.  There are plenty of flirting signals, but you jump into a conclusion till you are sure about him. Man are so smart in this, they can insult you to save their male ego. Flirting is just a fun to them,  a woman must wait till the next move like asking phone number, asking for date.  There are some signs by which you can enumerate whether the guy flirting with you or not? The question with every second girl Is he flirting? Has an answer now. Just read out the mentioned flirting signals of guys if he is doing the same:


How to Know if He Flirting

Paying extra attention to you
If he is paying extra attention to you in social gatherings, gravitating conversation towards you and making you the center of attraction depicts the flirting signals from him.  He is listening to every single word of yours and responding you in positive manner. Take this sign as affirmation of his interest and think forward about him.

He Shows Off
If he is using every single opportunity to impress you and try to show you how cool and masculine he is, consider this point as flirting. He is telling you stories about him and showing you exactly what you want to see then he is definitely after you and putting all efforts for you.

If he is doing competition to other guys who are around you. He wants to be the best for you and trying his best to show you that by depicting all his smartness and boldness to you. He is surely flirting with you if he manages to make you feel that he is the only best person available to you.

Tone Changes
If he wants to leave an impact on you, he will surely change his tone while talking to you. He will try to make his voice more strong and masculine to impress you and notice one thing that he talking only to you in that way nobody else.

If he is complimenting you in one or another thing that you have caught him for doing flirting with you, He is just praising you as the world knows it is the best way to initiate conversation with a woman. Don’t show him that you have understood him but enjoy pampering and praising.

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