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How to Talk to A Girl You Don’t Know

Have you ever been in a situation where you have noticed a beautiful girl but you did not have any idea how to talk to her? No worries, it is common problem for most of the people.

To resolve this problem, today we are here with some fantastic tips to make a girl fall for you in the first talk.

1.      Start simple

Usually the most important attribute that any girl looks for is the simplicity. Go ahead with simple Hi or Hello. Start the conversation in the simplest form, it will automatically impress her.

2.      Eye contact is important

Another important rule, no matter how beautiful other features are; just stick a look to her eyes. It will compel her to involve in a conversation with you in a relaxing manner.

3.      Be nervous not scared

Some girls find it amazing when a guy is nervous, but don’t be scared. While you are a bit nervous it will help her to flaunt an open behaviour which can help you proceed with flawless conversations.

4.      No matter what, girls prefer hygiene

Maintain hygiene, no girl prefers a boy who doesn’t uphold cleanliness. Make sure you wear a well scented shirt and finely washed trousers. Good dressing sense helps a lot in complementing the confidence.

5.      Don’t act smart but be it

Girls like the boys who are smart not the ones who act smart. Be ready to present a good IQ but do not show off, it will freak her out.

6.      Match the situation

Analyse the situation and talk accordingly. Keep the mood light and happy. Make her believe you are feeling good to stand by her side.

7.      Honesty will grab the attention

Be honest, it will instantaneously catch her attention but do not be over rough to be honest. Say things any girl would like to hear. Talk about music and situations.

8.      Don’t be predictable

Be mysterious, girls love mysteries. While talking, don’t tend to be so predictable, instead answer in ways that she would find wow & diverse.

9.      Compliment enough but don’t overload

When she is talking and if she mentions something about her lack, compliment her about her eyes and smile. Compliment enough but do not use the harsh word. Not every girl likes to hear ‘hot’ or ‘sizzling’ instead use beautiful or gorgeous.

10.  Engage her in the talk

Talk interesting; consider something that she likes talking about. For at least that one important time forget your hobbies and try to explore her interests. It will sense your interest.

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