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Is She Flirting With You

If she is flirting with you or it’s her personality trait? Are you really confused about the gestures of girl around you? Is she playing with her hairs or gazing eyes to you. Are you scared of approaching her? You want to be sure about her feelings before moving forward in relationship. Here are some tips to help you to decide whether she is flirting with you or it is you who are making things. Women are so confusing in every way and when it comes to flirting their subtle nature comes forward in a very smart way. She is getting acquaintance with you but not saying anything directly. Have an ideas about her and then decided whether to approach her or not?


Is She Flirting With You


How to Know if She Flirting


Laughing even on your stupidest jokes– he is infatuated with you, she will laugh on everything you say whether it is worth of laughing or not.  She is giving you signs that she likes everything about you and has interest whatever you say. Flirting is a technique in which girls are proficient. It is hard to catch them but not impossible.

Friends Know About You Beforehand– Your reputation precedes you; her friends know you before you met them. They will take interest in you and ask about your likes and dislikes.  You can notice this thing very easily if they are trying to acquaintance with you, understand that they want to judge you and know about you by her.

She Likes to Tease You– She teases you to capture your interest and to show you that she knows everything about you and has rights to tease you also. Teasing is like a play to win the heart of opposite gender.  Flirting has many contents in it and teasing is the most essential one.

She has a very Sharp Memory– She notices everything about you and remember every single choice and taste of yours. She will make sure of your coffee, your playlist in iPod, your favorite color, your favorite food and restaurant. She will mention you in everything she sees related to you and your choice.

Personnel stories with you– She will share her personal stories with you as girls take this gesture very special. Girls are talkative but share their personal things only with special ones.  If she is infatuated towards you then she will tell her secret and touching emotional stories of her life to you.

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