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How to Flirt with Men

Finding it tough to Flirt with Men? Fine!! You need not to get frustrated with it. Remember, Flirting is an art of presenting the right gesture before a man rather than throwing yourself at him. To be honest the key to “How to Flirt with Men” is not as tricky as you might feel and that is the reason why some women find Flirting with a Man an easy sailing task. It is all about making the perfect move at a perfect place with the perfect time since all men appreciate women who know to flirt back. Even they love to be charmed and appear impressive to the females. Thus flirting is a way of tuning your chemistry in a playful manner with the person you find interesting.

Be relaxed and calm because once your eye candy gets to know that you are making fun of him then there are chances that he might drift from you. So stay smart and take a deep breath before you let out your mission. Don’t forget that Attracting a Man is all in the attitude thus to woo the man of your interest you need to feel flirty and create an ambience that can pave the way for things to turn from better to best. Also letting the guy know that he is drawing your attention is a chic way of setting in the right atmosphere.

How to Flirt with Men

While till now we were discussing in general, How to Flirt with a Men, our next segment will open up with distinguished tips about Flirting with Men.

How to Flirt with Men


  • Pay Attention to Him – When you head on to a club or a pub, full of people from all walks of life, look out for the one who catches your attention. Make out some excuse and start up a light conversation with him to set in the mood. This will aware him that you are interest on him and thus he will reciprocate it. Take this step despite his buddies and peers accompanying him.
  • Smile at Him – Once you find a guy of your taste, set your eyes on him in a manner that he notes you. As soon as he makes an eye contact with you, pass on a sweet smile. This will not only make his day but will also make it easier for you to take the next step.
  • Complement Him – Like women, even men love to be complimented. And this can be the most genuine way of flirting with a man. So find out something striking about him and let him know that you have noticed it. This will also open the way to carry forward your talk.
  • Gaze Deep into His Eyes – Even while exchanging words gaze deep at him with a flirty feminine look to turn on his mood. This will send him signals that you are into him. But don’t make him too awkward.
  • Touch Him – While conversing, touch him in a way which will not speak of indecency and will also make it clear to him that you are up to something. This is one the easiest method to make a man desire you. Another positive aspect about such behaviour is that it will make the guy more comfortable with you.
  • Tease Him A Little – When a men you’re talking to initially tells you his name, pretend as if you have not heard him. So that he has to lean in to repeat himself. Repeat it again with a smile. You’ll break the ice with your playful joke and get him closer to you.
  • Look Sensual – Try to appear sensual by slightly slowing down all your gestures like crossing and uncrossing your legs, caressing your neck intentionally or indolently fixing your hair.
  • Don’t Be Loud or Brash – While on flirting mission forget about acting like a dainty princess out of a fairy tale all the time. Instead when you’re having the conversation with him try to be subtle and feminine, whether it in your voice or the way you dress. This is because a loud girl is actually more of a turn off for guys appealing his senses.
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