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Sure Shot Ways To Flirt in Office

How to flirt in office? Is this question bothering you these days a lot, as your corporate office has helped you to find someone perfect for you?  But these newsrooms, trading floors and open rooms does not give you much chance to flirt or chit chat with your new found sweetheart without getting noticed by everyone. Flirting in office always attracts the attention of everyone around. Any new development in the office becomes the topic of lunch time discussions. So if you have no intention to provide fodder to these spicy chats, this page will help you know how to flirt in office without getting noticed.

The biggest problem with office flirting is that your personal life is everyone’s business. If you are standing at someone’s desk or in cabin for more than 10 minutes then it is a matter of grave concern for almost everyone around you. Flirting in office is something completely unavoidable for your colleagues. But you can make it a private affair by using the tips given below on how to flirt in office.

Sure Shot Ways To Flirt in Office

Flirting in general is not something bad or demeaning. But to mix it with your professional life can prove counter- productive many a times. Therefore, you will have to be cautious while flirting at your workplace. The section below can help you take care of all these aspects and at the same time assisting you in nurturing your love life.

Tips To Flirt in Office

  • Remember where you are– Always take good care of your surroundings and be careful about your image at office. Office can turn into a gossiping house for you, if you flirt with a colleague and let other know about it. You are employee first and have to complete your responsibilities before getting into it and making yourself and your love interest a topic of coffee table conversations in the office. So try to keep things casual and out of everyone’s sight. Hence, you should keep the conversations with your new found love short. But that does not mean you can’t drop hints.
  • Office flirting is a means, not an end– If it is just a healthy flirting then it is very much fine but if you are planning to move further, make sure that other person is receptive. In any condition it is matter which you should not extend in office and let other comments on it. Love relations or link-ups can get you in serious troubles. So, until unless you are certain about the other persons opinion, keep it light, general and crisp. You must not leave room for any loopholes for others to put you in trouble. You can always get out of it saying- what is the big deal; I am just pulling her/his leg.
  • Make sure about reactions of other colleagues– Make it very much sure about other persons’ thinking and views about you. Healthy flirting is quite fine in office but more than that can lead to serious issues like a harassment or defamation case. Everything you say and do should be in the permissible limits and always assess third party reactions especially of those who envy you or have issues with you. A single complaint to HR department or a legal suit may get you your termination letter, so one needs to be utterly cautious.
  • Don’t overreach– Flirting has no limits but office flirting does have a lot of constraints, rules and regulations. Don’t over reach or say anything that can be offensive or physically suggestive. Your words should not leave a room for extreme interpretations. Be in your limits when it comes to your gestures and choice of vocabulary. You can make fun along with other people but you must keep it friendly and decent enough. So that others cannot guess your intentions or your real feelings while at the same time conveying your emotions to the person concerned. Flirting is fun as well as a step to love, if executed well. But you must not perceive it rigorously till you are sure about other person’s interpretations of your conversations. You must make sure that the flirting in office is taken to the level of fun only.
  • Do not use cheap language– Many people confuse flirting with cracking non-veg jokes or rude language. But that is in no way healthy flirting. You might come across as a jerk or high- headed person. It might deteriorate your image in the eyes of your new found love. Sophistication should be the mantra for flirting in office.
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