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Flirting Hints

Flirting hints are the simpler way to show your love interest to your special one. Flirting is a play for people now. Every individual is flirting to the attracted person. It is tough to judge that the individual is flirting for fun, just being friendly or is in serious love? Flirting can make the relation start with good fun memories of flirting hints but it may also destroy your image if acted wrongly. A woman do flirting in different manner and man has their separate techniques of flirting.

In the art of flirting woman are much more proficient than man. It’s very easy to catch the man flirting with a woman. Woman does flirting in very subtle way that man has to do real hard work for judging the flirting woman and gauging flirting hints by them. The smart people can easily judge the flirting individual as the body language is completely changed while flirting. The body language, voice, behavior and the most importantly looks of person is changed. People start caring about themselves while flirting. There are some flirting hints for man and woman which can help you to judge them.

Flirting Hints for Man

Taking care of clothes– Is your man around taking some extra care about the shirts he is wearing? Is he trying to look good and smart in front of you?

Extra Care– is he giving you extra care or trying to help you in almost everything you do? Is he behaving different with you from others?

Gazing the Eyes– Is he gazing you in your eyes? Is he smiling while looking at you? Do you feel that every time somebody is looking at you and when you turn around, he abruptly look somewhere else.

Flirting Hints for Woman

Holding your hand – Is she holding your hand in public places and giving stupid excuses for this? Is she shivering when hold it little tight?

Is she asking questions– If she is talking unnecessarily to you, may be asking for some band or trying to discuss any movie? Is she asking you how does she look in party or any occasion?

Doing her hairdo again and again– Is she taking some extra care for her looks? Is she doing her hair do again and again while looking at you?

These flirting hints can help you to solve the mystery of woman and man. The subtle ways of flirting can be enumerated by these flirting hints. Flirting is fun but may hurt someone if it is done excessively and in bad manner. Make sure that flirting remain fun for the opposite gender also. Flirting hints can give you a brief intro of other person and his/her love interest in you.


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