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Guy Flirting Signs

Flirting is a part and parcel of one’s love life. It comes naturally to human beings. For a guy, flirting is the most effective way to find a partner, no matter in which part of the world he lives. Though there is no defined code of conduct for flirting but it is quiet easy to predict when is the guy flirting. In fact there are certain conventional flirting signs which have evolved over time. Guys prefer using these to indicate their intentions. So based on these conventional signs you can chose your course of action.

But it is always important to understand the intention behind the guy flirting. You should be able to figure out whether the guy flirting is looking for getting laid or there is more to it. Guy flirting signs and actions are an important indication of his intentions. It is important to read guys flirting signs correctly and respond in an appropriate manner. This is crucial to start your relationship on a right note. It is also essential to know how to get rid of that guy who is getting on your nerves with his stupid flirting tactics.

Guy Flirting Signs

So next time when you come across a guy who is talking too much to you or checking you out from across the table, watch out for these signs.

Signs He is Flirting

  • Looking at you constantly- Someone is checking you out from across the room for a while now. When you look at him, he smiles a little; He has given the first sign of him being interested in you. If he is the guy you were eyeing go ahead and talk to him.
  • Trying to strike a conversation- You are sitting in a group and this one particular guy is trying to get your attention or trying to strike a private conversation with you, read it as a guy flirting sign. If he talks in a low voice and ask you something about you, he is flirting.
  • Awkwardly agrees to everything you say- If you are in conversation with a guy and he replies to whatever you say in words like- ‘yes, you are right’ or ‘of course, I understand’ then try a small thing to cross check if he is flirting- say something dumb and wrong, if he still agrees the guy is flirting.
  • Carnally suggestive conversations- While interacting with the guy if he says double meaning things or his every suggestion or remedy has sensuous orientation, he is looking forward to getting laid. It is a definite guy flirting sign. This guy has no interest in you beyond physical attraction. You should continue talking to him only if you echo his thoughts.
  • Trying to sound intelligent- This category of guy flirting signs is really interesting. Usually it is the tool of intellectually handicapped guys. They will talk about political situations or women empowerment or apartheid movement and 75% of them end up sounding stupid. But his intentions can seldom be doubted. You should not judge him on the basis of this.
  • Trying to touch you- If a guy is touching your hair or hands or your waist while talking to you, it is a clear guy flirting sign. It specifically indicates that he is physically attracted to you. Make your move if you also like him. There are slight chances that he will be gone when you will wake up.
  • Offering to give you a massage- If a guy offers to give you a head or back massage voluntarily he has zero interest in your pain. It is a downright seduction tactic. Use his services if you also have something for him and if you are not interested ask for a foot massage! It is a tried and tested turn off tactic.
  • Complimenting too much- Many guys have a misconception that a girl can be flattered by compliments and overuse this fact. Most of the time they complement your physical attributes. It is a clear indication of a guy flirting with you. If you had enough of the praises, ask him to talk about something else politely and gracefully.
  • Enquiring about your schedule- When a guy asks you about your daily or weekly schedule and things you do in your free time. A date proposal is coming your way. If you are interested in seeing him, tell him you have reasonable free time daily. Happy Flirting!
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