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Signs Girl is Flirting with You

How do you know if the pretty girl is interested in you? If the girl giving you signs to move forward and start conversation. Girls flirting signs are not that obvious to gauge about the subtle girls. Sometimes, it gets quite hard for the guys to move forward in their relationship without the prior affirmation from the girl’s side and to know about the girls feelings, it is must to know the signs she is flirting. However, girls want the guys to know about their feelings and carry a healthy relationship with them but the girls flirting is something one need to put efforts on.

Either you are in office or in club; girls have same flirting signals which can help you to take a foot forward. From the earlier times, it has been a custom that a girl can’t propose or camouflage about her feelings. Hence, girls flirting signs help them to convey their feelings to their object of interest in a elusive manner.

Signs Girl is Flirting with You

With the below mentioned points know about the signs she is flirting and revert in the same positive manner to make a healthy flirting relationship.

  • Getting Closer to You– If the girl is really shortening the space between you two while doing conversation then she wants you to come close and take this as a positive sign for your future relationship. If she is being friendly with you and whispering in your ears like friends then do take it as girls flirting signs.
  • Catch That Nervousness in Her Talks – If she is not normal in her speech then she may be nervous because of you.  She may speech so fast or too slow even with others if you are around and that shows she is concerned about you and not able to do conversation. She is concentrating on you and trying to make good impression by changing her way of speech.
  • Playing with Her Hairs- One of the oldest and typical girls flirting signs is their hair twirl. They do it very often when they are interested in a guy and want to do them signal about their infatuation. Girls found twirling their hairs as turn on for guys and do it at their best when they are really interested in someone to impress them.
  • Smiling Throughout the Time you are with her- Do you find yourself or your cute friend laughing and giggling throughout the conversation for the silliest of reasons? Smiling and giggling are straightaway signs of girl’s likings and interest in boys. Girls have all the charm in their smile and can win any number of hearts with the sparkling smile.  So, they simply use it girls flirting.
  • Always Needy When You are Around- If your colleague or associate asking your help for all the small things or giving you big smile while you is helping her than actually she is flirting with you. Remember if she asked for help when it was not needed just to catch someone’s attention. “Can you help me lift this heavy chair for me? Otherwise it may be genuine need she is seeking for and you should not take it in another way.

21 Signs She is Flirting


  1. A woman will get closer to you in closeness. She may make you feel comfortable by her gestures and trying to eavesdropping on your conversations.
  2. Gazing eyes on you, making eye contact and looking away as you noticed her.
  3. She will smile at you. This will be a genuine “slow smile” not a nervous or forced smile.
  4. She will start conversation with you and ask personal questions about your relationships and all.
  5. She will make reasons to talk to you for no genuine requirement.
  6. She will give you a flirtatious nickname to be friendly with you.
  7. She’ll love to introduce you to her friends.
  8. She’ll tease you about something
  9. She will ask your age and interest in life.
  10. She’ll be lightly touching you during a conversation.
  11. She will move closer to you as the two of you are talking.
  12. She will make you laugh and find some jokes to make the ambience easy and light.
  13. She’ll come up with future plans. For instance, she’ll mention a band that she wants you to see.
  14. She tries to keep the conversation going so that you don’t leave.
  15. She’ll send you random text messages.
  16. You will be able to sense a jealousy when you talk about other girls.
  17. She calls you a “player” or “heartbreaker” to give you hints about her feelings.
  18. She asks if you have a girlfriend, or she mentions your girlfriend to see what you say.
  19. She plays with or tosses her hair as she is talking to you
  20. She compliments you a lot.
  21. She tries to keep the conversation going so that you don’t leave.
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