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Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy

Want to find out if the guy is into you or not? Flirt with him. Yes flirt with him! Why only men can flirt, why not women? Break the cliche because it’s necessary. You have to find out how he feels for you, don’t you? All it takes is to ask some flirty questions and read his heart. There are some flirting ethics, you must follow otherwise all your efforts will go futile. Read on to find out what all you can ask him and how close you can get, during the conversation.


How to have a flirty conversation with a guy requires you to be spontaneous, funny at times and be little romantic. Flirting is a fun and interesting way to spark romance. It’s an amazing way to express your love to someone. Direct proposals are boring and not at all romantic. They can turn off the feelings. But when you flirt with your crush in public or alone the impact is more and passionate. Flirting is an art where you gradually head towards developing an intensely passionate love. There are many flirty questions to ask a guy you like over text. Ask him some intimate questions, abstract questions or anything according to his mood and your surroundings. Do not start by putting up direct questions. Slowly build up the conversation, sit close to him, you can also touch him at times during the conversation. You must convey that you are curious to know everything about him and his dream woman. Be curious give him all the attention, greet him with sensuous smile. If you have common likes and dislikes then you must give him the hint that you both are made for each other.


Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy


Don’t be very straight while questioning or answering his questions. By doing this you will spoil the hidden romance in his answers and expressions. Try to read between the lines and make out the difference between what he said and what he meant. Be focused, be on a romantic track, and make it interesting by some silly talks or share some fun memories. Don’t deviate from the romantic track, its a big NO. If the boy you have fallen for is not aware of this fortunate thing that has happened to him, give him some hints and make him aware. Don’t mull over what are some flirty questions to ask a guy as here is a list of few fun questions. So all the beautiful women out there, it’s time to change the rules of the game and have some fun!


Here are some Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy.


  • How his dream family look like?
  • How he acquired that sexy masculine body?
  • Is he a good kisser?
  • If you were dating where he would take you on your first anniversary?
  • What’s his idea of romantic date?
  • How does he feel when you are around?
  • What makes him smile?
  • Ask him about his favorite movie.
  • What he is scared of the most in life?
  • If you were dating him, what is that one thing which he will neither accept nor forgive?
  • Does he trust you?
  • Would he like to date you?
  • What he thinks about you as his wife or girlfriend?
  • Would he like to spend his entire life with you?
  • According to him in which outfit you look sexy?
  • What went wrong in his past relationships?
  • How would he react if a girl would propose him?
  • Are you close to his dream women?
  • Does he find you sexy and desirable?
  • How many girls he has dated before as he is too sexy to be single?
  • What is love for him?
  • What is the first thing he notices in a woman?
  • Would he like to dance with you, an intimate dance?
  • Ask him about his first kiss?
  • What turns him on?
  • Has he ever fantasized about you?
  • Does he care for you?
  • How does he feel when you touch him?
  • Ask him about his sexiest fantasy?
  • What were his first thoughts about you?
  • If both of you are alone on this planet, then what he would do?
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