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Flirting With Married Women

Marriage’ and ‘flirting’- sounds awkward doesn’t it?  It’s not just flirting, because there is something much more than flirting that’s going on. This time the walls and bars are higher. Knowing all this, you still crave to seek and get along with a married woman. A guy flirting or dating a married woman is totally different from him dating a single woman, because a married women’s life is much more complicated than those of the single ones. If we look into today’s modern scenario, flirting with a married women isn’t conventionally wrong or a matter of concern as long as it is for fun. But if there is something genuine in your approach towards flirting, then from this point, you have to understand the needs and also the stigma applied by the society.

Now the real question is how do you go about flirting with a married woman? A woman who is married will generally take interest in someone, with whom she can speak her heart out, someone she can trust, a person who can deal with her realities and appreciate her all the way. But if she looks for an extra-spousal concern then it simply conveys that she is not happy with her married life or just simply bored (in which case you need to be careful of the jealous husband). So you have to take your steps accordingly. To get along with her you have to fill her life’s lonesome space first. In short you have to put in some extra efforts to be her mate.

Flirting With Married Women

This article describes in few steps how to approach and flirt with a married woman, in a way that can raise your chances of success all together. All the best.

How to Flirt with a Married Woman

1. Be calm and confident

You are making your move towards a woman who is married; this is a matter of grave importance. Go ahead with all the confidence and don’t act nervous at all, because most of the women sense the nerviness in you and that makes them uncomfortable. To prevent her from running away, act confident and calm.

2. Never get serious

 It is flirting only right? So do not expect or plan anything more than this when you are flirting with a married woman, unless you are fairly serious and ready to marry her after her divorce. If you do get serious, you will land up in a rut taking her down with you.

3. Act mature

She is a mature lady, she is a married women. You are looking forward to flirt with a married woman. This is not going to be an easy play. You have to use your intelligence and your wits to be with her.

4. Know her from the start

Try to understand her and her needs. If she is with you as a friend or a colleague, it will be easier for you to understand her, because most of the time women who get into cheating cycles are in search of drama and excitement. There are also women who make sure about the fact that folks are still interested in them. Make sure you know all the things about your married woman before you approach her.

5. Eye contact

No flirting can be done without any eye contact. Look direct into the eyes. You do not need to stare (or you’ll just creep her out). Smile with your eyes and not with lips and she will respond back with a smile on her lips.

6. Smile

A smile can do all the magic for you. Easiest way to flirt with someone is to smile. Smile can play the best role in the way towards flirting with a married woman. If she smiles back then it’s the positive signal for you. However not every woman who smiles at you is flirting. Learn to read the signs.

7. Body language

The big point to remember is about your body language. Your body speaks more than your words. Use your body language to flirt and show the person that you are interested. Act like a mirror and give in return for everything she does or say. Try touching her arms and then watch out for her response.

8. Respect her

She is a mature lady and you are planning to flirt with a married woman who is already involved with someone else. So, if she is saying no to you or if you get any negative response then you are dealing with a lady of class. Don’t force her, just respect her decisions and take a step back and try maintaining a normal friendship, instead of making things worse for her and for you.

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