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Flirting Vs. Attraction

Flirting Vs. Attraction does not have much of difference as one can lead to another. Flirting can be fun and it can also result in the first stage of attraction. People meet with new individuals and communicate through different channels. Thus one of the medium can be flirting which can further lead to true attraction or may last as fun activity between them. Just like other interpersonal activities, though, each person flirts and accepts flirtation differently. Some people flirt constantly. On the other hand few reserve this affectionate type of interaction for expressing genuine feelings that extend beyond friendship.

In order to avoid any awkward or destructive situations, it’s important to be able to recognize attraction and flirting. Sometimes a flicker of the eye or a brush on the arm can reveal volumes about the underlying relationship. If a gesture is prolonged, it could mean that he/she is trying to get your attention to push things farther than the status quo. So judge the feelings of your true lover by the mentioned points and make sure about his flirtatious activities and its meaning to you.

Level of Attention

Flirting activities are limited to fun and short time activity. On the other side if true feelings resist then it won’t be a play rather a real care and affection for the person. If a small gestures of flirting stays for long and both are feeling comfortable with it, then you can consider it as positive sign for long term relationship. An extra bit of attention is fine line defining the two levels of flirting and affection. If your flirting is not bothering you and in return she is enjoying it by giving you smile and giving you indication to move the relation to the next level.


Everyone has different nature and behaviour. Some women have flirty behaviour and some are introvert and shy. You can easily enumerate her signals of affection if she is quite an introvert but showing you some special attention by talking to you, by winking and nudging at you. But some girls are extrovert and talks to every second guy and in flirting way. It is tough to know about their feeling and affection and the only way to give conclusion of flirting vs. attraction is to pick out her exclusive attention for you and rely on that.


Flirting is fun and very friendly where you have certain boundaries and limitations. You have practice of talking and interaction in routine and unsaid boundaries but if all of the sudden you feel her hands on your lap and his hands on your shoulder than you both must know it is more than flirt and true feelings have from Flirting vs. attraction.

Eye Contact 0

Eyes have intensity to convey the feelings from one heart to another and flirting never indulge those deep eyes of emotions in it. When eye contact stays for prolonged and she mirrors your body language during conversation then she is interested in you more than a friend and you can pull yourself out from the question of flirting vs. attraction.


Flirting is entertaining and fun for small period of time. It has been believed that flirting is Love them and leave them. If you are facing something different in your relation and it’s been a while that you both are together with the same excitement but with deeper feelings then it again a wining of attraction over flirting.


Attraction involves emotional talks, trust and extreme care for each other and flirting is fun and friendly talks. Intimacy comes with physical closeness and emotional dependency and these two factors are away from flirting. You must check out the intimacy level between you two and then select from flirting and attraction.

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