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Flirting Tips For Married Couples

Flirting tips for married couples are essential as they help to keep the spark of love alive in a relation despite the roll of time. Flirting has been cultivated in order to gain attention, to convey the fact that you still admire your spouse and to receive that one has to give in. One probably should continue the habit of flirting with his/her partner without bothering about the age. When couples get married and start staying together, they tend to take each other for granted and soon boredom takes in. To avoid this, flirting tips for married couples come handy because it acts like insurance against relationship problems and resentments.

It does not take years of marriage to figure out monotony between couples and to realize that their initial chemistry is fading away. It is human instinct to grow tired of the same thing and this harms a relation. It is vital to keep up the thrill and excitement between a husband and wife even after many years of tying the knot. The ecstasy can be sustained and even improved upon, if only courting never ends because the key component of courting is flirtation. Flirting tips for married couples definitely strengthens the bonding adding joy and pleasure into a relation.

Here are few flirting tips for married couples to guide you to enhance your relation.

Flirting Tips For Married Couples

1. Cultivate the habit of saying “I Love You” frequently- Busy schedule, tiring day at work and taking care of kids often leaves very less time for you both to interact. But these three simple words will always rejuvenate your heart desires.

2. Call your partner with a special tone in your voice- Change is always for the better and an appealing one works like magic. So next time if you are calling your partner, use a special tone to surprise him/her and cherish their pretty smile.

3. Look into each other’s eyes while talking- Eyes mirror your true feelings and gazing into each other’s eyes will make your communication more intense. This is one of the top flirting tips for married couples.

4. Surprise him/her with a kiss- A peck of love speaks more than any other flattering words. Make sure you surprise your partner with sweet kiss when they least expect. A surprise kiss is one of the most adoring tips for married couples.

5. Schedule an unexpected date with your spouse- A date with your loved one is always special and if kept as a surprise, then the joy and pleasure multiplies for you both. No matter how many tricks you try but the idea of an unexpected date is one of the great flirting tips after marriage.

6. Leave a small flirty note- Yes, nothing works better than a personalized piece of writing. Put in some of your naughty thoughts on paper or search for exciting flirting quotes. Don’t give it directly; instead leave it on his car seat, beside her pillow, over the fridge or his wardrobe.

7. Relive one moment of your hilarious past- Reviving any of your funny moments from the past will get you closer in the most amazing way. Recreate that hilarious moment you didn’t stopping at before marriage and experience the fun all again.

8. Wear something that he/she likes- Looking good reveals your state of happiness and wearing something that he/she likes will flatter your partner more. If it happens to be an important date, try to put on something that is dear to your partner’s heart.

9. Offer an unexpected comment- Whenever you plan out an outing with your couple friends, just look where you can offer an unexpected comment to your partner; culinary skills, beautiful eyes, great physique, simplicity and so on.  He/she would hold for a moment and blush at the very next.

10. Give a special look- Make it a point that for few seconds you give that special look (full of passion) to your partner. Choose your moment, like at the time she serves you dinner, when he is leaving for office, preparing meals for you, gives you towel or greeting your friends for lunch.

11. Plan an evening for watching your wedding video- Wedding video recalls your blissful union, your dotting expressions, moment of celebration and what not. Take out some time from busy hours and plan an evening to watch the mesmerizing video of your marriage.

12. Occasionally give a subtle touch- A subtle touch at any rare occasion comes out as a real flirting act. Just a mild touch and you can sensitize your partner to their heart’s content. These small jittery things are enough to cajole your partner’s soul.

13. Deliver an unexpected gesture- If you are living with your parents, then finding those dear moments of tenderness may seem quite tough. Without being getting noticed by other members, deliver any unexpected gesture just for few seconds like a quick hug, small kiss, pat on waist or playing with the hair. This will keep your partner happy till you meet for long.

14. Arrive home with intension- Coming back from work is a regular chore, but if you want to do something enthralling, then arrive home with intension. Plan something on the way and surprise your wife by any flirty act. For example play a special music and plan a romantic ball dance.

15. Appreciate his/her look and work- Everyone likes to hear those goody words and getting appreciated by your partner definitely feels great. So, next time if you find her looking pretty than usual or his work impressive, don’t forget to praise him/her. Speak your heart and make the moment more prized.

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