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Flirting On Facebook

Flirting on Facebook is quite useful these days. May of the couples is online couples and has met each other on any of the social networking site like Facebook.  Guys can easily get the potential dates on Facebook and other social networking sites. Flirting on Facebook, must be done elegantly as you don’t know the person personally and not able to use body language and gazing of eyes.  Flirting is more instantaneous and wide-scale endeavor now-a day.  Flirting on Facebook has some dos and don’ts which must be followed by individuals to make a good impression.

Flirting Tips On Facebook

Make your personal Facebook Page- Make your personal Facebook page account in which you mention information about yourself such as your favorite musicians, food, travel destinations or hobbies.  Give information about you that can catch the interest of other gender but don’t write everything about you on that page.

Comments- Comment on her pictures and updates but not so often. Don’t show your alacrity to the individual by commenting on every picture or every update but be selective.  Be little subtle about your emotions and likings for her and comment and like her picture or updates after some time, don’t always be the first one to view them. . Moreover, it is a good idea to tag her into your favorite funny pictures (but not ridiculous) but remember to tag others as well.

Incongruous comments and messages- Make your comment short and simple and analysis other’s comments and her response on it.  Everyone has different taste and ideas for Facebook profile. Some keep their Facebook clear and very professional and other doesn’t mind even the funny comments and jokes on Profile pictures. So it is advisable to analysis her profile and comment accordingly. Keep your talks and feelings save for messaging and chatting and keep the comments appropriate and short for the profile.

Know when to back off– If you are not getting any response on your comments and likes from the other person. Just have a look and see whether she is responding to others or not if yes then perhaps she is not interested and it’s time to back off and secure your image.

Flirting on Facebook makes you free and comfortable more than the face to face or phone flirting as you have lot of time to answer and play the game of flirting with your mind. It has been found that now Flirting on Facebook is more incessantly use by youngsters and take the benefits of online flirting.  You can use these flirting tips on Facebook and sure to get to make an good and memorable impression on opposite gender.

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