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Flirting Body Language

The most common feature among all the ages and genders of humans in their nature is flirting. One of the most surprising and true facts about flirting is flirting body language. The best flirting can be done without saying a word. Flirting body language conveys your message in more expressive way than words and any other expression. With the appropriate flirting body language, you can gauge other’s mind and let them know about your liking interest in them. Flirting is an art which send cues to the opposite gender and make you comfortable with the person for further fun and excited relation. Though the science of body language covers much more than will be discussed, here are a few cues for men to watch out for when flirting with the women and vice versa.

Flirting body language can be a medium to convey our feelings for someone whom we like or admire. Flirting body language cues are excellent way to show someone that you have the found the person interested and would like to be someone special than a stranger only.  Flirting body language is simple technique to attract someone by your glittering eyes, charming smile and small gestures of your body. Flirting is way to get close to someone for future relationship and getting intimacy with your potential mate in life. Flirting is fun and exciting way to say someone that you like them and flirting body language is one of the subtle way to send this message to someone you are really interested in.

Flirting Body Language

Find out the simplest and easiest ways to reap the heart of someone you love or like with impish and innocuous flirting body language. The mentioned below flirting tips using body language are best to use to send your message to someone special.

Flirting Body Language Tips

  • Making Eye Contact–  Gazing eyes for more than once is simpler sign of flirting and showing that you are interested in someone. Eye contact shows the other person that you are interested in talking to him/her and shows your interest in their personality. If other person is avoiding eye contact that’s the simple sign of disinterest and one must not continue that to irritate anyone.
  • The Postural Echo- Postural echo is a kind of flirting body language which conveys the message of your attraction to other person. Postural echo means when someone is mimicking your body posture and standing in the same manner as you are while conversing with you. This is simple sign of saying someone that you are attracted to them and liking everything in them. This is one flirting body language have been using my many and have succeeded in their goal.
  • Gestures in Communication- Flirting body language is all about body gestures. How you use your hands while talking to someone, are you quite expressive and lively while talking to your partner? If the other person uses the same gestures and getting more expressive and shows responsive gestures while talking to you then it’s surely positive sign for your future relation. Brief nodding is also an effective way to communicate attentiveness.
  • Facial Expressions- Facial expression plays a vital role in flirting body language like flashing eyebrows while talking to someone special. When you constantly raise eye brows while talking to someone you are attracted to, this is something which happens unconsciously but considered as the great power of body language. Flirting body language have facial expressions as the initial part of flirting.
  • The Power of Touch- Touching also considered as way to communicate your feelings to someone you are attracted to and make them feel your feelings of attraction and infatuation. Flirting body language have some fixed set of rules for touching for boys and girls separately. When a boy touches a girl, it may look that the other person is desperate and make a girl uncomfortable. So it must for guys to touch in disciplined manner which will indicate their feelings to girl but not make them conscious and uncomfortable with you. Girls also have to minimize and be customizing to their touch to man, to not misunderstand as desperate for physical intimacy.
  • Flirt By Pointing-  Pointing does not mean point out her/him with your finger rather with your whole body. For example, your feet must face or target to the object of your interest and you must mean your shoulders towards them. Pointing will let the opposite person realize that  you are interest in the person even then you are not speaking with them.  One of the flirting body language of pointing is closing the space within you two by crossing legs towards each other and be sure that you are not interested in anyone’s else than them.
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