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Flirting Advice

Flirting Advice becomes a quintessence, especially at the moment when you really want to connect with the person you have been eyeing for long, but lack confidence to do it in abstraction. If you are not that good in the flirting game, no need to feel sad as very few people on this earth are born flirt fluent. The age old flirting dilemma lies in the minds of many young hearts and therefore requires right flirting advice to overcome questions that crop up in your minds every now and then. Well it may sound a bit surprising, but women are much proficient in flirting than men. Yes, a man is impatient and excited while flirting, but flirting woman is more hidden and suspicious in her acts. Besides this imperative gender thing, flirting advice differs from person to person and before anything else you need to gauge varied personalities. Flirting advice works differently in every situation, it is must to know that if the person is in good mood or interested in your efforts.

Flirting with an office colleague or peer group is much different from flirting with a stranger. Flirting with a friend would be little easy as you already know the person and his/her mood swings. But approaching to a stranger would be the real task in which everyone would need flirting advice. Judge the person before approaching by the specific points mentioned below:

Ways to Judge Flirting

He/she gazes at you.

He/she blushes by your name.

He/she behaves differently with you..

Sharing things with you.

Laughing even at bad jokes of yours.

He/she smiles at you every time.

Winking at you.

He/she puts extra effort to talk to you.

He/she gives you some extra care.

He/she tries to touch you in public and shows it as a coincidence.

Body language changes at you.

He/she complimenting you for almost everything

She is getting nervous in front of you and playing with her earrings to ignore that.

He is taking extra care of his looks.

If you notice any of the above fleeting changes, it surely shows that you have been struck with the cupid’s arrow. Now don’t wait for anything else and move forward with this Flirting advice to make the bonding stronger between you two.

Top Flirting Advice

Understand the behavior– Its natural that after assessing above points if you find that special individual interested, you will feel half of the battle won. But do not forget that understanding the expectations of the other side will work wonders in boosting up your flirting efforts. Besides behaving patiently, give full efforts and time to know the individual. With this flirting advice you can definitely put your first and best foot forward.

Casual touching– Once you are confident and ready to go ahead with your flirting art, casual touching seems not a big deal, but don’t overdo it. Make sure you enumerate his/her comfort level every time you touch, even when you initiate that special handshake. Wait for the next move till he/she reacts in positive manner to your first touching or shows the sign by winking eyes or blushing smile. Follow this flirting advice and within few days you would be happy chatting whole day holding hand in hand.

Be honest and natural– Flirting is fun and small cheesy lies are fine but don’t forget yourself. Instead of posing as a perfectionist, try to charm your partner with all the real qualities you possess. Remember you can have a fake relation for days but for a strong bonding, you need to be real and honest to your partner. Free yourself from the entire lying burden and feel playful to cherish the bond for long.

Teasing– If you want to bring that endearing naughtiness and romance in your relationship, then teasing is the best flirting advice to start with. When he is talking to you or telling you something ask him to repeat it again and again by saying “what” with smiling and winking to him. Discover a naughty ‘you’ by following this exciting flirting advice and get close to your partner than expected.

Make him/her jealous– If he/she hasn’t admitted yet then making him/her jealous is one of the top flirting advices. It’s very simple and playful to make your partner jealous. All you have to do is look or give a nice compliment on any of pretty girls or handsome guy wandering around. This flirting advice has never lost in charm and works so fast and very soon you might start with a great relationship.

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