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Why Dating is Difficult for Men than Women

With Valentine’s Day 2016 approaching up anytime soon, lets spill some beans on a basic question every man has in mind- Why Dating for Men has become so complicated day by day? The tables have been turned, and the rules of dating game have now been upgraded to a whole, new level. With women garnering the most preferences and advantages in the dating hoop, several men have completely lost hope and given up. Instead, video games or apps like Secret and Tinder are the new company they find solace in rather than approaching girls.

Why is it so hard? It must sound pretty trivial, but the struggle is real. Just a “Hi” can shake a man’s confidence to its bits. No matter how smart a person is, he would be needing a pump up. Some of the Dating Woes faced by a man can be narrated below:


Why Dating is Difficult for Men than Women


  • Increased Outlooks

One of the top most Problems for Men While Dating are the unrealistic, dreamy and increased expectations. A man feels burdened with expectations from the start, and nothing but it gets bigger with time. He has to be valiant, pleasant, humorous, sensitive, emotional, built well, etc. With men who have experienced this, they will find themselves stranded from the leagues of dating for a selective time period. its easier for women and their femininity talking.

  • Proving Commitment

One of the perennial bugging a man has to face at all stages of a relationship is the ardent requirement to prove their love and commitment for their woman. Fighting over the smallest of things such as not saying “I Love You” can lead to a blame game, which is the basic reason for frustration and tension between a couple. Ladies, just mature up, because if he will not be around for you if you keep crushing his expectations.

  • Satiating Conflicting Societal Norms

In which way a man can prove his manliness enough to come fully flushed from work to home, fix the broken wires and yet wake up early to make breakfast for his beloved just to show his loyalty and love? Seen as a major Dating Problem for Men, he is entitled to maintain composure yet react wildly to save his girl’s image. He should act like a gentleman but must engage first in the game of intimacy. He should not fight in public and yet be called as not brave enough for his woman. Seriously, is it real?

  • Impractical Chivalry

What makes Dating Difficult for Men is the unrealistic chivalry he has to maintain throughout his relationship. With an eminent rise in the genres of feminism and financial independency, chivalry is seen as a major road block for guys. Men are not sure of how the things must go or what can offend his date. Ideally, one has every idea how to behave but the mysteries surrounding the women makes it a lot more complex and tangled task.

  • Too Much Pressure

There is no debate in this.  Said to be one of the real Dating Problems for Men, he always has to emerge as a financially secured, smart, handsome man capable of fulfilling every wish of his partner. Reading a woman’s mind should be a skill he must attain. A man is burdened with additional expectations while scoring a date. Fitting the stereotype image is not always suitable.

  • No Need To Be Understood

With a continuous complaint about not being understood is very common for a woman, instead, it’s the men who experience this discrimination and isolation. Once in a while guys also like to express what they feel, but the societal fears about “what type of man he is” sums up the pressure to another level.


Men are very simple to read, but these complexities provide them with hindrances in the dating game, losing their knots to a certain level.

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