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What Girls Notice On First Date

If it is your first time and are wondering what girls notice on first date, then boys it is better you pull-up your socks and do all that is necessary to create a lasting impression. This is because, when it comes to pretty girls, then your first impression is definitely the last one. Just think if you are successful in presenting yourself as an ideal date, you can be well assured of grabbing more beautiful moments with her. Precisely there are some specific things that girls notice on first date and make an image of you in their mind. The trickiest part is that girls are hundred times sharper than guys and therefore boys you really need to work upon every small detail of yours. Of course we don’t want you to get nervous, but it would be great if you are prepared nothing but the best on your first date and impress girl on first date with that sensuous disarming charm. As you know girls put in a lot of effort to look gorgeous and therefore expect you to look equally spruced up and groomed, just for them. Girls are very hygienic, so it is very natural that unkempt look is just a strict no, it turns them off badly.

So what girls notice on first date? Or what are the fascinating things to show to the girl? There are many questions related to first date to impress your girl. Perhaps you must have read a lot on dating, you must consider the mentioned below points that works intelligently on your first date to win her heart.

What Girls Notice On First Date

What Girls Notice on First Date

Cleanliness- Above anything else, cleanliness is the first thing that girls notice on first date. Your hair, nails and crisp clothes does matters a lot. A girl will see you from head to toe and if she finds you scruffy, mark it as your last date with her. Do take care of your bad breathe and body odour as it will not let you complete you first date even.

Your attire- This is something you must be familiar with. Girls spend lot of time and energy to get the best attire for every occasion they attend and expect the same from you. This is your first formal date and brand of your clothes and the way you carry is what girls notice importantly on first date.

Way of your talking- What girls notice on first date is what you are talking on your first date and the way of your talking.  Do you stammer and splutter or jump on topics like that only. If you are actually not comfortable on conversing with girl on first meeting then it is better to get prepared for it then losing an opportunity.

Ogling other women- This is something girls notice not only on first date but for every single date. A girl can never accept that she is dating a guy who ogles on every passing girl. This is considered as big insult to her and will definitely make you lose your date the moment you do that. Focus on the girl you are dating and to win her heart you must show respect in your eyes.

Be real- Be courteous and gentle, show your best while dating. But don’t try to be someone else or skip your comfort zone. Remember, the moment you start pretending, you will be caught, and this will surely turn her off. Be real and impress your girl with the true qualities that you possess.

Be a good listener- Like guys make some specific and certain points for their date, girls do have the same. Show your girl that you can hear all her stories and have full interest in her talks.  So, what girls notice on first date is how much you talk, how much you can listen or understand her words.  Don’t be a self-centred by talking only about yourself, instead ask her some questions and make it an impressive conversation.

Etiquettes- remember all the etiquettes your mom has taught you and make her feel special. Implement all the good manners and not just limited to that ‘Ladies first’ tag.  Believe it, first date etiquettes like arriving on time, giving prior attention, dining manners, eye contact and care matters a lot to a girl. She will be noticing all the small or big things you are presuming, so be attentive and impress her with your kind etiquettes.

Your body language- Your body language says a lot about you. Your confidence, interest and personality everything will be gauged by girl on your first date.  Fidgeting hands, cross arms may indicate wrong impression on your girl. Be comfortable and say by your body language that you have interest in talking to her and want further relationship.

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