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Guys You Should Never Date

It’s better to turn away and run away then to date someone wrong on the way. Dating someone wrong will only bring the stress in you and not the best in you. You must move back before you fall for the wrong on the face and drain yourself out completely. You may find someone who may look like prince charming and someone from your own dreams, but don’t forget ‘all that glitters is not gold’, or what allures you the best lest put you down. Caution your heart with these dating tips and advices and know the types of guys you shouldn’t date.

Women are mostly naive and meek when it comes to the matters of heart. It’s a very concern of them to see whom they should date or should avoid, afore giving their heart an ache. The sea is full of fishes and you can’t so easily catch the best for yourself. It’s not possible to read one’s minds and intensions just with few meetings and conversations. Once you know some personality traits and behaviours, you can suit yourself for the best. Nobody is perfect yet we need to find perfections in all imperfections. However there are some traits in men that may tempt you but in the cold light of the day they are just pains and definitely will kick you to the curb. So you must avoid them.

Guys You Should Never Date

6 Type of Guys You Should Never Date

1. Guys Who Take Longer To Get Ready Than You Do

Well you have a problem in your hands if you have a guy, who takes more time dressing up and setting his hair-style then you. This guy is a huge turn-off. This is something not normal, if he takes more than half an hour in the bathroom. He just so much self-obsessed that he just wants to be like someone that he is not. He is just not the real-one girl.

2. Guys In Relationships With Themselves

Self-importance is something required and needed for any being on the planet. But to an extent, if you see this guy putting himself forward in everything you two do, or when it comes to make choices just keeping in the mind- he is not the right guy.  Please back-off lady. He is in love with himself; you are not even there in this world. His world is just of his own.

3. The Guy Who Cheated To Hook Up With You

Beware! You met this guy and he lied to you and later on he told you the truth that he left her ex to be with you. You may feel enchanted and feel like someone special, because he tells you- you are the one he is looking for so many years. Turn away, if he can cheat on her ex for something better then he will definitely cheat on you too.

4. The Bad Boy

He will attract you the most and you will find him cunning, witty and fun to be around. He will make you familiar with all those illegal and fun yet bad activities. You will be tempted to the core to be with him. But Stay away dear, avoid the temptations. He is just not the one you should look forward to give your heart to. He is good till the time you enjoy but the day you will fall apart you won’t find him anywhere.

5. One Who Always Asks You to Pay His Bills

OMG! He is not even sharing the bills moreover asking you to make the payments whenever you go out. Its okay for one day or two, but from very start of the day if he is doing this, then you know what you must do, leave him right away, if you are dating someone like him. Men are very cautious on paying bills when they go out with women, especially on dates. You are just a bank for him.

5. Far Younger Guys

Undoubtedly, younger guys date older women to get experience and the maturity level they share with them. He is most probably using you for his own motifs. Unless and until it’s not love then stay away from dating young guys, they can easily mess around you.

6. Guys With Clingy Exes

These types of guys want everything best in their world and can do anything to take all the benefits and will always maintain their goodness. They talk to their ex and they blame them that they are so clingy. If they are dating you they shouldn’t be having much time to deal with all these senseless things. He is guaranteed a drama!

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