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Traits Women Look For In a Man

Tall, dark and handsome, as the popular thinking goes, women have quite an archive of the Most Attractive Traits They Like In a Man. Understanding women and What Qualities They Look for in a Man can be a dreadfully tricky task to accomplish. Does she surprise you with all her unexpected replies to your most palpable questions? Shrouded with obscurity, does she leave you wondering all about her likes and dislikes? So if you have developed feelings for her and are trying really hard to impress her, take a chill pill! Keep calm and brace yourself as we present to you a list of personality Traits That Women Look for in a Man.


Perfection is a well-accepted myth. If you think simply having a chiseled body and wearing expensive clothes while driving iconic cars will keep her hooked on you, think again! Being the ideal man for her is what actually matters. Complex as they are, women are independent souls. It will be a blunder to group them all together in assigning What Qualities Women Want in a Man. Often regarded as a puzzle, women are, in essence, very individualistic when it comes to choosing their life partner. We have assorted a few, common Traits That Women Want in a Man. Take a read.


Traits Women Look For In a Man


Traits Women Look For In a Man

As we debunk the mystery that is called “woman” for you, take note of the Top Traits Women Look for in a Man.



First and foremost, a woman looks for conviction in a man. There’s nothing more appealing than a man who is confident about himself. If you are secure in your own skin, she will most definitely feel secure in your company. Asserting yourself with conviction displays a sense of responsibility that you are aware of. Conviction is a trait that is a must-have in men, for them to be attractive for women. So the next time you meet her for lunch, conduct yourself with just the right amount of conviction and she will certainly be impressed.



Intelligence is enormously amorous. Just like men enjoy the company of a woman who is beautiful as well as intelligent; women too, look forward to engaging in an intellectual conversation with her man. Being intelligent doesn’t necessarily mean books. Women are mostly drawn towards those men who have the ability to strike up conversations, can sail through any topic of discussion. Polish your wits and showcase them to her whenever you meet her next. She will love it.



Though women crave for freedom and believe in individuality, they constantly have a need of a little assurance. As a matter of fact, women look for a man who is reliable. Be the man she can trust and you are in for a long haul. If you are her friend, philosopher and guide, she is undoubtedly attracted to you as she finds you extremely dependable. Never disappoint her on that front, please?



Kindness is one the most Important Traits That Women Look for in a Man. If you think those little gestures of yours, like patting the passing dog, caring for your little sister, and sharing a laugh with your friends have gone unnoticed, you are missing the obvious, boy! Just as men like the girl-next-door prototype, women too, get enticed by men who are kind and approachable. Being the bad boy doesn’t work much. Be yourself! Be nice when you are ought to be nice. She will like you for your amicability.



In the 21st century, women stand shoulder to shoulder with men. What women look forward to in a man, these days, is respect. Chivalry sure is a virtue to live by and women love it when men respect them for what they are. It really isn’t rocket science to decipher that everybody enjoys a fair share of reverence in life. Give her, her share and you will be qualified as a man having a quintessential trait she has been looking for.


Sense of Humor

This clearly isn’t a bolt from the blue, is it? Life will become exceedingly dull without a sense of humor. Women are easily charmed by a man who can make her laugh.


Sense of Style

Clothes madeth man! Make sure you dress well. Clean clothes, nails and shoes, pretty much does the trick. Exhibit your sense of style to her, she will treasure you.

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