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Tips To Date A Friend

Tips to date a friend can help you immensely if you are planning to step ahead of your so called friendship zone. Some always believed that there is a very thin line between friendship and budding love relationship. Now this surely doesn’t mean that you go on dating each friend of yours, but you need not feel tensed if you have fallen in love with any of your great buddies. Despite knowing each other so well, friendship and relationship with the same person can be a bit tricky. No, this stage is not that chaotic, it’s just that you have realised spark in your relationship pretty earlier than your pal. Yet you can play it safe and make your special friend feel the same for you even before popping that tantalizing question. Well, all this will not happen on its own, unless you are that lucky. But if you are trying really hard, things can get smoother when you get well-versed with some interesting tips to date a friend. The how to date a friend tips and advice will not only guide you to a perfect courting period, you can also consider seeing each other pretty soon than you could’ve imagined.

So, if you have started feeling for one of your best friends, then tips to date a friend is all what you need and avoid risking your friendship as well. Have a look at our Best 9 Tips To Date A Friend and get to know some mind tricks to woo him/her.

Tips To Date A Friend

Best 9 Tips To Date A Friend

  • Pay attention to her- It’s obvious that when you like someone, you start paying attention to his/her every detail. It does not matter that you two have been friends. If you like him/her, you are ought to pay attention to your special buddy as it shows that you are putting in great efforts to be closer.
  • Don’t research here and there- You two have been friends and you must be having some idea about your relationship prospect. You need not ask her close friends about your date chances and so on. However, if you don’t know, you should find out whether he/she is dating someone or not.
  • Make your friend feel desirable- One of the best tips to date a friend is to let him/her know how desirable they are. Once you are set to woo your dream date, give as much compliments as you want to. But do remember that they shouldn’t be emotional ones, physical compliments marks a beginning of romantic relationship. ‘Looking hot today’ or ‘you look cute when you tie up your hair’ are nice physical compliments to express your desire for your special buddy.
  • Spend some exclusive time- if your special buddy is different from others, you should look or make out for the time when you both spend exclusive time with each other. This will help to strengthen your bond and know each other better. Make this exclusive time enjoyable so that your special buddy can understand your feelings and if he/she is not interested you will soon come to know.
  • Let your eyes do the talking- Eyes mirror your feelings and love that you hold in your heart. Many a times, eyes can speak a lot more than words. Follow this effective advice and let your eyes sparkle the feelings that you possess for your special buddy. Always make sure that you have an eye contact while talking to your special buddy as this will create more impact of your desires.
  • Be patient- Don’t rush into anything and try not to pressurise your special buddy to understand you in the way you want. Be cool and remember that you are the one who want to take your relationship to next level. It is her/his choice to accept the change. Patience pays really well and you should wait to have better results.
  • Be yourself- A person should never loose his/her individuality, no matter what the situation is. If you want to date your friend, then you should not present yourself as an imposter. Always keep in mind that one of the most effective tips to date a friend is to be yourself and show your true capabilities. Never forget that your special buddy is your buddy because he/she likes to be with you and dating you can never be a problem if he/she finds you as perfect and responsible partner. Yes, if you want, you can do improvise yourself to have a great bonding.
  • Do some flirting- Flirting is a great way to initiate intimate conversations. You can use your flattering art and make your special buddy feel more amazed. You can read out or text some of the best flirting quotes to create a nice chemistry and let your special buddy apprehend all your emotions without saying it directly.
  • Ask for a date- If you have been following the above steps with complete dedication, then it will be quite easier to go out on a date with your special buddy. It is not necessary that your first date has to be a romantic one. You can start on a lighter note and initiate a conversation that has only you and your special buddy. Physical intimacy plays an important role in any romantic relationship. You can also touch your special buddy in milder ways and let him/her feel a nice chemistry between you two. But don’t let things get awkward by going overboard. You can also pop up the question and propose your special body to be your valentine.
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