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Things Women Notice about Men right Away

Women scrutinize every man from place to place, on purpose or by mistake, from head to toe. Now you might want to know what Things Women Notice about Men Instantly, and turn into an eye candy. What Do Women Notice about Men First, is this question haunting you in your dreams, do you wish to make a picture- perfect first impression on a woman. We have unified a few ideas which will tell you What do Women First Notice about a Man.  Be careful guys, girls are good at fairly judging the traits of a man, which compliments her eyes.


There are loads of factors which Women Notice about Men; you just have to be sure of what the aspects are. Apparently the most common aspects of a man that women can’t miss to notice are their Height, Physique, manners and many more. Take a peek into other characteristics which will help you know What Women Notice First about Men. All the men out there grab your chairs as we present to you the 10 Things Women Notice about Men.


Things Women Notice about Men right Away


Discover all the facts which will help you know the Things Women Notice about Men Right Away and get ready to shine out among others.



The First Things Women Notice about Men is their height or how would you look standing with her. Women prefer those men who are taller than them, and compliment them while moving around. Women will definitely look for the height factor in you, but if you have that daunting personality, things might be different.


Gorgeous Eyes

Women habitually use their eyes to convey their feelings to a guy, whether they are interested in them or not. Guys make sure to you use your eyes as a medium of conversing your fascination for the girl. A girl will never appreciate a man who doesn’t make straight eye contacts with them.


Corpus Physique

Women do notice those broad shoulders and arms of yours that you might have built by working out in gym. For some these factors are a must and for some girls even a good personality will work. So, embrace your personality with a corpus physique to flatter a girl and turn out to be a groovy among all.



When it comes to manners ladies do go for the one who is a gentlemen and treat her like a queen among others. Remember to treat every woman around you with equal amount of respect and dignity. Your mannerisms will make you a centre for attraction among the ladies around you.


Expressive Voice

Regardless of your appearance or your eye-catching features, an exasperating and irritating voice will devastate all your chances. If a man has a very profound and intense voice, he will definitely attract a lot of attention among ladies. A soothing and gentle voice will give you a plus one score among other men.


The Way You Move

Walk with dignity and positive attitude while you are surrounded by women, they very keenly notice a guy’s walk. A lounging, lazy and sprawling walk will make you look like a low and sad person.


Hypnotic Odour

Use that perfect cologne which makes your entrance a noticeable one and make all heads turn in your direction. Be certain about the odour you use while going out, if you smell good you will catch some eyes.


Adoring Attire

Whatever you wear be self-possessed and carry your attire with an assertive attitude. Women always notice a man’s sense of clothing, fashion and hair style. So, next time you go out with a girl, groom yourself and wear that adoring attire which makes you look attractive and eye catching.


Level of Confidence

Confident men are always attractive and women intend to notice the level of confidence a man procures. Women will notice how strong or significant decisions you make and what is the approach towards life.



Be humorous and enjoy the world around you, people will love to be around you. Women really notice the sense of decent humour and wittiness in a man. Augment your remarkable quality and be witty, to make people happy around you.

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