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Ideas for Romantic Dates

Are you looking for romantic date ideas to make your girl happy and impressed by your innovative ideas?  Romance is like icing on cake which can make your love life exciting and enthusiastic. A little romance, a single romantic date can bring drastic changes in your love relation. Get the romantic date ideas and make your relation a long term love relationship through cherishing and treasuring memories of your romantic date.

Romance does not mean a candle light dinner at roof or vacation at romantic destination. A couple can make any place romantic and any food erotic with their love. Ideas for romantic date will help you to rejuvenate that love and romance only. When you are in love, then just don’t wait for any special occasion to celebrate your love and togetherness with each other. You can make any casual day a valentine day with your love and put any idea from ideas for romantic date to enjoy togetherness.Angels Camp

Ideas for Romantic Dates

Romantic Date Ideas


Salsa Dance

Dance is always been the part of romance. You can use this idea from ideas for romantic date to impress your girl. This is sure to mesmerize your girl and make a memorable date for both of you.  Make a romantic evening with your lady love and go for the salsa dance, when two hot sweaty bodies pressed together, a sensation which runs in your blood will sure to give you an erotic experience with your date.


Stargazing the word sounds so romantic; it will be great fun and amazing romantic experience to spend a whole night in a romantic park. When there is no one else around and you and your partner lying next to each other, holding each other in the darkness with dim lights of moon and stars. This will be a great romantic date which will bring you two more close to each other and arouse romantic feelings in your heart.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Ideas for romantic date are full of innovative and sizzling romantic ideas. Just imagine yourself with your date soaring through the air, sipping champagne and holding your love in your arms and watching the sun go down. You can truly experience all this erotic moments on a hot air balloon ride with your partner.  This is something very unique and exciting idea for romantic date.

Musical Date

Music is always been part of romantic dates. An erotic dinner and light music at the background will be sizzling experience of date.  You can hire an musician for playing violin or guitar at the background of your lover’s favorite music or song to give it a glimpse of your love to your mate. You can choose any of the given places to select for the romantic date like sunset picnic at the beach, an open meadow or field under a starry sky or most amazingly a homed cooked meal at your place.

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