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Never Do These 5 Things to Have a Good Date on This V-Day

Not everyone is as lucky as you to take the dream person to Valentine’s Day Date. So don’t ruin it with some awful incidents. There are hundreds of advises currently floating on social media and internet on what to do, what to buy and what to wear on your special date. But rarely a few people care about what not to do on the day and eventually ruin it mistakenly. Here is the list of 5 most common mistakes people do on their Valentine Day which you should avoid.

  • Time Talks: It’s always a fancy dream for everyone to see someone waiting for you with a bunch of red roses, but never be late for the sake of this scene. There may be a hundred reasons to be late, so prepare early to show up on time. Take the opportunity to surprise your partner. Take help of Google Map which will accurately tell how much time you exactly need to reach to the destinations.
  • Face Down Your Phone: We understand something really is going on the virtual world of your smart phone. But for the evening ditch your phone as someone is waiting to have a conversation with you. The Valentine’s Day comes once a year only and you are sitting with someone special on the beautifully planned evening of the day. All of your attention should be on your partner. So keep your phone in silent mode and put it face-down to enjoy the most romantic day of the year.

Order Proper Food

  • Order Proper Food: You may be hungry or not in a mood to eat, but your partner may be in some different conditions. Never order too much food and keep yourself busy in eating. Before placing the order, ask your partner what he or she wants to have. And never try to order any experimental dish on that day. Don’t try to force your partner to try your choice of cuisine if he or she is not comfortable with. And finally, enjoy the company of your date while relishing the food.
  • Don’t Bring Friends: Friends may be the guiding star of your life but this day exclusively is made for your partner only. If you don’t have the patience to introduce your hot date with your gang, then plan a hang out some other day.

Don’t Talk About Past

  • Don’t Talk About Past: The dating gurus suggest you ‘should not talk about politics, religion and past/ To make your first date last’. The world itself is moving, so you too need to move on. Imagine how you would feel if your partner keeps ranting about his or her ex throughout the evening. So leave the past as your future is sitting just other side of the table.
    And most importantly don’t forget to bring some wonderful gifts for your partner. If you are still confused and have not bought anything, you can go for personalized Valentine’s day gift to make the day memorable for both of you.
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