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Modern Dating Rules

Modern dating rules are new rule book for the youngsters by which they can easily carry the changes of new environment. There are many misconceptions about old dating and dating rules which need to be over ruled by modern dating rules. Dating culture has been there for years and people have modified it according to their comfort and customs.

Now-a- day’s people are so concerned with their life style and not ready to compromise it for their dating partners. But when you are dating someone for the first time, you have to have dating etiquettes and follow the rules to impress your partner and can plan for the next date soon.  The do’s and don’ts of modern dating rule will help you to get the best date and have a good impression on your partner. The modern dating rules given below are common for both men and women and must be followed by both of them.

Dos’ And Don’ts Of Modern Dating Rule

Do not “High Five”

When you want the girl again and have a healthy and happy relationship with her then never ever give high five on a date. A high five on your first date specially that you are not at all interested in having any physical relationship and have a casual friendship.  So keep your high fives safe for your friends and be a gentleman while meeting your date and say good things at the end when you are saying goodbye rather than giving her a fist pound.

Say No to Alcohol

When you are drunk and say the best things in the world, no one is going to believe you. So, its big advice to new generation that never ever gets drunk and makes alcohol your partner on your date. Have a wonderful and cherishing date with some light drinks and juices.

Don’t Make Internet Medium To Express Your Feelings

Internet is over everything but still emotions are something which needs your facial expressions and true feelings of heart in your voice while expressing love to each other. Saying I love You through text message or talking about your future in a mail is never get the touch of feelings comparison to expressing it face to face.  When you are dating a girl, make her feel special by expressing your emotions in person rather than sending a forwarded emotional message from your message box.

Don’t expect frequent replies

Youngsters have to realize that everyone has life and they need to give time to other person for it. If you have dated someone for weeks that does not mean that the individual owes your message replies every time.  If you have not received a reply, conclusion does not say that you are unwanted; it’s just be the busy schedule of your date. Don’t rely on messages and take decisions over one single reply of message and mail.

Don’t rush

When you have started dating someone, try to know him/her and be friendly with them. Make sure to meet frequently and discuss things with each other about your like and dislikes.  One or two date are not sufficient to make physical relation and decide upon your future relationship with the person. Don’t rush for relationship otherwise you will face a rush on break up soon. So, it is advisable to have patience and then move forward with all the positives in your mind.

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