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Tips to Get a Girl’s Attention

It does not matter if the girl is walking past you on the street or is sitting across the room, these simple tips and tricks will help you get a girl’s attention. Though every girl is different in her own way and has a liking for things which some other lady might not like, still there are some common steps to get her attention. There are certain things which are universally applicable when it comes to how to impress a girl. So pay attention to these most obvious yet highly ignored factors that can help you in getting a girl’s attention.

If you are aiming to get a girl’s attention, the most vital part is the first impression. If you can get this one right, half the deal is done. Also you have to understand that the factors which work for you when a girl makes a mark on you. The same things are applicable to a girl. So try to inculcate these basic characteristics and mechanisms.

Tips to Get a Girl's Attention

Keep reading to know about the ways that can help you get the attention of a girl even when you are not the only one who is striving to hang out with her. These simple tricks and guidelines will make your day.

10 Steps to Get a Girl’s Attention


  • Look Confident– To attract a girl you must show your confidence. Girls like the men who are confident about their appearance and opinions. However, being confident in no way means that you should enter into useless debates or try to prove yourself right, even when you are not.
  • Behave like a gentleman– It is one of the best ways to get a girl’s attention. Ladies give some extra points for this quality to men. These include the typical things like opening the door for her, to the respectful things like being polite to people who are inferior to you, keeping your cool even when someone has pissed you off to the brink.
  • Be different in the lot– Now this matters a lot if you want to get a girl’s attention when there are many more guys around the girl. You have to rise above the crowd to make an impression on the girl. This can include speaking about things on a different note, defending someone else or voicing your liking for the thing which no one likes.
  • Keep yourself clean and dress well– This part is very crucial in getting a girl’s attention. If a man keeps himself neat and clean and smells good, it is a real turn on for women. Also since most of the ladies have a special taste for fashion, they pay much attention to how a man dresses.
  • Be Humorous– Humour also holds a special place for women. So if you want to make an impression on a girl or you wish to attract her, make her laugh. Even if it means rehearsing some jokes or some witty lines, it is not much effort given the rewards that follows.
  • Be yourself– Now this is one factor which many people get wrong. To get a girl’s attention you must behave and talk as ‘you’. Pretending to be someone else such as trying a different accent, or copying someone’s style is one of the easiest things to be caught.
  • Pay attention to your posture– The way you sit and the way you stand speak tons about you. So to get a girls attention you need to pay special attention to your body language. You should never slouch or protrude your chest while interacting with anyone.
  • Do not brag– Some people think that showing off win you a girl’s attention. But most of the times it proves counter- productive. So even if you are the President of the largest country in the world, be humble. Talking too much about your bank balance drives potential mates away.
  • Eye Contact– Making an eye contact while talking reflects how confident and honest you are. Therefore, you must ensure that you have an eye contact with the lady you are talking to if you want to get a girl’s attention. Also be cautious not to confuse an eye contact with a stare that can make her conscious or uncomfortable.
  • Show respect to women in general– Ladies have a special corner for men who are kind towards others and respect women. So never sound like a male chauvinist if you want to impress a girl. However, women are very good at deciphering if you are faking it. So play your cards wisely.
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