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How to Escape a Bad Date

Everyone has their own idea of Mr or Miss perfect and it’s not always that you find the right person. We encounter many weird situations in life and one of them is the encountering a Bad Date. Both males and females date numerous people before settling down with one perfect match. Unpleasant dating at times puts you into a situation, from where you just want to quit everything and run away. Dating Tips for Men and Women, never try to be rude to the person you don’t want to date, as it might end up in an appalling trouble. Several people are not good in handling denials, which creates a distressing condition for you and the other person you are dating.

Escaping a Bad Date is not an easy task until and unless you want to hurt the other person’s feelings. To make an easy and swift escape out of this kind of weird situation find acceptable and realistic tactics. Dating Advice suggests that you have to be very careful while making an escape from a date, and be convincing and authentic while making up your excuses.

How to Escape a Bad Date

Follow these ten tactics if you are stuck in a situation of a Bad date.

How to Escape a Bad Date

1. Fake Curfew

An all-time preferred trick, will never let you down, when confronted by a very boring and irritating date. You just have to say that you have a time limitation and have to take care of your sibling. If he asks to accompany you, be nice, and tell him you don’t want to annoy him and leave immediately.

2. Friends As A Backup

If you land up with a dreadful date don’t worry, ask your friends to call you and pretend the call as an emergency. Friends are always a life line when you get stuck in such situations. Ask one of your supports to dial your number and you start to act as if it’s an emergency call and you will have to leave. This trick will always work on your date, but remember to leave immediately, before he or she offers a help.

3. Illness

Sickness or illness is a very prominent formula for avoiding the worst dates. If you had to attend a date, which you want to avoid, then message the person that you are sick and can’t come today. Never forget to mention that there is nothing to worry about and can’t pick up the phone.

4. Scare Him Out

If you are stuck in a situation of a terrible date at your place, this tactic will surely help you get rid of it. You just have to tell him that your family is about to arrive at your place any time now from a long holiday. He or she will get panic and move out of your place wasting no time, you can spend the rest of the time enjoying and having fun.

5. Go Missing

When you get annoyed with the person you are dating and don’t want to continue with him or her anymore, keep an eye on the exit door, decide your path of escape and tell him you have to use the bathroom. Then no returning back to the annoying date, you might have to linger on for rest of the night.

6. Stuck With Office Work

You have to see that irritating date again and don’t want to hurt his or her feelings by directly saying no. Just before the decided time of you date, call the person and tell that you have a very important work at office and will not be able to get free soon. This trick will never back fire on you; rather there will be a chance to enjoy your day with a better person.

7. Make Up An Emergency

Making up emergencies is a tried and tested formula which helps you escape the worst dates. Recommendation to everyone, be very careful while making up an emergency, it might backfire if you are not cautious. If you are telling the person you have met with an accident then mention that it was just a minor one, nothing serious.

8. Remain On Call

If you are a working individual then you have the best escaping defence out of terrible date. You are out with the date you never enjoy, pretend that you received a call from your office and something is urgent. Apologise for the trouble and leave immediately without seeing anything and continue with the call.

9. Act Weird

Acting weird might not be your usual self, what if you are caught up with a person you don’t want to date? Don’t worry, you start chewing your food with your mouth open or burp or start making faces – your date will surely end. You might not even have to face the same person ever again on a date.

10. Speak The Truth

If you encounter a situation where your date has started to become boring, be polite and speak the truth. Not every time you find good options to escape so at that time you can always say the truth but be polite and generous to the person.

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