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Tips on Dating a Single Mom

Dating a single mom has its own kind of pros and cons. While it is good to know that the single moms are very straight forward and do not try to act mysterious. At the same time you will have to share her love with her kid(s). Dating a single mother means you have a mature partner whom you do not have to explain things and a single mom understands relationship requirements better than the 20 something girls. Dating a hot single mom also means that you will have to share her responsibilities and make peace with the fact that you will not get much alone time. But to date a single mom also means that your partner is more sensitive as well as tough. You can find a good friend in a single mom. However, dating a single parent also means that you will have to impress the child and give him or her considerable time to keep things smooth.

It needs a great deal of effort and dedication on your part to date a single mother. But there are also good rewards at the end of the tunnel. A relationship with the single moms has excellent chances of being long lasting, happy and trouble free.

Tips on Dating a Single Mom

So, if you have fallen for a woman who happens to have a kid and you still want to go ahead. Take a look at these tips and advice about how to date a single mom.

How to Date a Single Mom


  • Be compassionate and honest– to date a single mom you will have to be very considerate and kind; because she has a heart of a mother. Also if she is thinking of you as a potential partner, she is definitely having an eye for your compassionate qualities. Another vital thing when you are dating a single mom; is that you should be honest and genuine in whatever you say or do. As the lady already has her fair share of chances with men. She is familiar with the usual tactics.
  • No need to play hard to get– if you really want to date a single mom, you have to understand that she has been in relationships and that she is mature enough to take things at face value. The ‘hard to get game’ is over after you are 27. So it is advisable to keep things simple and clear.
  • Actions pay more than words– if a lady is raising a kid(s) on her own, she is mature enough to not be flattered by cheesy lines and compliments. After a certain point what a person does matters more than what he says. You may not notice it, but she is watchful of what you are doing for her.
  • Acknowledge the child angle– meeting a mate’s child is a bigger issue than going to see her parents. And to date a single mom it is crucial that you are on good terms with her child. While there is no sure shot formula of winning a child’s heart, you can start by indulging with the kid in his or her interests. Take the kid out for a fun outing, play with them etc. And avoid being intimate with the lady in front of the kid initially; it might make the little one insecure.
  • Be ready to shoulder the responsibilities– to win over a single woman, you should try to help her with her responsibilities. You can run her errands or share her bills if feasible or may be babysit the child sometimes.
  • Don’t complain about her lack of time for you– raising a child alone puts a greater responsibility on the single mother. So she will hardly have much free time to spend with you. Therefore if you are to date a single woman, prepare yourself to be the second priority. And do not crib about her time crunch.
  • Always include the kid(s) in the plan- to oblige a single mom- you should make her little one a part and parcel of your life. While planning anything, you should pay attention to the child angle and make respective arrangements.
  • Pamper her– romance is the essence of a relationship. So do not miss any chance of pampering the lady and spending some romantic time with her. Plan dates, go for vacation, buy her gifts and so on.
  • Do not try to be macho– if you are dating a single mom you should never attempt to be protective or try taking charge of things. Single mothers are very tough and mentally strong, so it is recommended to treat her like equals.
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