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How to Date a Model

There are many men who often lose their ground when they get to know that the lady they are talking to is a model. The minute a girl they are talking to at the bar says that she has featured in a music video or has walked the ramp for a designer, they start fumbling with their words. Or they pop up a silly question. If all this happens with you then you are at the right place. Here you will find some expert advice about how to date a model and not come across as someone outside their circle.

But before proceeding to how to date models, it is crucial to understand why men make such meaningless mistakes. The reason is that men think too high of the models. They feel that models have high standards and they need to come across as handsome and intelligent. But this gives them an inferiority complex and they lose the race. The key to make the mark with the models is to stay calm and behave as your usual self. After all they are girls only and not some heavenly beings.

How to Date a Model

Keep reading to know more about dating models. Here we have enlisted some common mistakes that should be avoided and some tips about making your moves.

How to Date a Model?


Do not look impressed– The first and the foremost thing to be taken care of when you meet a model; is to underplay this factor. You should pretend as if this is no big deal even if you feel like you have won a jackpot. You can respond like – ‘oh, cool, so you do print or media?’ Or may be- ‘hmm, so how long have you been in this field?’ Also there can be a chance that if the girl has specifically mentioned it, it is meant to impress you. So it is prudent that you do not completely ignore the topic. That can also be counter- productive.

Avoid asking silly questions– It is very important to keep your calm when you come across a model. As in your excitement you might pop up an inane question. These are some of the questions you must avoid- ‘So you starve yourself 3 days a week?’, ‘So how does it feel like being a model?’ Or ‘But you are not skinny?’ These will instantly mar your chances to date a model.

Do not mention the stereotypes about models– If you really wish to date a model you must be cautious not to mention any stereotypes about the fraternity. Even if you are refuting them. Never say things like- ‘models are generally dumb, but you seem different.’ Though you are not referring to the lady, it might portray you as a high headed man.

Do not talk only about her profession– You must also take due care that the topic of your discussion is not just her profession. You should indulge her in a casual conversation and talk about things you will discuss with any other girl. This will definitely impress her and you will come across as a nice guy who is not after her just because she has got a good figure or looks.

Do not behave as if you know nothing about this profession– Another vital factor you have to pay heed to is- not sounding like a person who knows nothing about the field. Or someone who thinks of modelling as a low job. You have to understand that making a mark in this highly competitive field is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Compliment her– Also make it a point to appreciate her for her choice of career and coping up with the hard life. But ensure it is a genuine praise and not just cheesy lines to get somewhere. If you feel that you can’t get it right then skip it and just compliment her for her beauty.

Ask her out– Now if you think you have scored some brownie points with her and she has spent some time talking to you even when she had other options. You should not miss the chance of asking her out for a casual next meeting.

While you are dating a model– When you are dating a model you should understand that there are certain things you should not interfere with. Never make a fuss about her being coming home late, her focus on her appearance or hanging out with men. Always give her an honest opinion about things she asks you.

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