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Great Date Ideas for Men

Are you looking for some high on romance and low on budget good dating ideas? Our great date ideas for men will cater to all your requirements, ranging from a romantic unforgettable evening to a weekend quality time together. These dating ideas will hold good even for those people who want to keep their relations at lower notes, that is, do not wish to indicate a bigger commitment then they have, to their love interest. So keep it light with our great date ideas for men and still maximise the fun quotient in your love life.


These great date ideas for men are also apt for those people who are looking for some newness in planning dates with their better half. If you feel that after being in a relationship for a while it is imperative to bring some change in your hanging out plans, then you are at the right page. These out of the league dating ideas will surely make your lover brim with ecstasy and excitement without compromising the romance and magic of togetherness that characterise your relationship.

Great Date Ideas for Men


Valentine Carnival’s dating ideas for men will also help you to give some rest to your credit card after a serious bout of spending. So maintain your saving mode and have a nice time with your lovely lady with the great dating ideas for men in the next section.

Great Date Ideas for Men

  • Bike Ride: Take your sweetheart on a bike ride to the greener side of the city especially in the rain or at the sunset. However it should be noted here that wandering through the streets of your city will not be romantic. You should pick the location carefully.
  • Live Music Restaurant: You can take your girlfriend out for a romantic dinner to a restaurant where budding musicians play. Such places are budget-friendly and have good food. A great view will be an icing on the cake.
  • Outdoor concerts: Take your lovely lady to an open air free concert. It is real fun hanging out with some jazz or rock music. But this sort of date should be combined with a nice meal and/or drinks afterwards.
  • Rooftop Dinner: It can either be your own terrace or a nice rooftop restaurant. A dinner under the open night sky is in essence a very romantic and a great date idea for men.
  • Lake side Picnic: Pack your basket with some snacks and champagne and head to the least crowded lake in your city. This is one of the best dating ideas if you want to know your lady love. Take the conversation cubes with you and spend a romantic day together.
  • Spend a night at the hotel: Check into a luxurious hotel in your city for a night and spend the time together in bed until the check out. Do not forget to check for the discount offers online.
  • Drinks party at home: Arrange a little bar at home and enjoy your own happy hours coupled with your favourite music or football match.
  • A barbeque terrace or garden dinner: Cook a barbeque dinner together on the terrace or in the garden and enjoy it along with stargazing and slow music. It can also be clubbed with a bonfire.
  • A low profile tourist destination: Find out a less popular tourist destination in your country or even across the globe and spend a couple of days there. The benefits will be low air fares and less crowded place. You will definitely have a good time at such a getaway place as low foot fall keep the natural beauty of the place intact and it does not have many shopping places!
  • Go to a farmers’ market: During the harvesting season many temporary farmers’ markets spring up in the country side and even in the towns. It will be a good dating idea to spend some time together shopping for some organic fruits and vegetables and exploring some fresh farm products. However do not miss the various kinds of cheese available in such markets especially when you know what all uses it can be put to!
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen: Various NGOs and charity institutions run voluntary kitchens in every city. It will be a great date idea for men who want to spend some quality time with their girlfriend and at the same time can do some philanthropic work. Volunteer kitchens are an excellent place to indulge in deep and meaningful conversations while having fun. You will also score some brownie points from your mate for your humane work.

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