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Fun Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day serves as the day of love and offers opportunity to weave a cherishing and pleasant memory of love to all lovers. Fun valentine’s Day date ideas elucidates about the fun and excitement you can have with your partner on the valentine day. With everyone having such busy lives in this day and age, coming up with creative and fresh date ideas is a challenge. There are many couples who are in love and carry a platonic relationship with their partners but fails to express the same.  Fun valentine day date ideas is for those who have divine relations and make their valentine a fun and exciting day rather than following a same tradition of romantic dinner date.

A rave fun valentine day date idea can help you to rejuvenate love and romance in your relationship. For true and platonic lovers, every day is valentine day and there is no difference in expressing their love on any day and making it special for your partner or following others by selecting one single day as special for love and to express all your emotions on that particular day.

Fun Valentine's Day Date Ideas

21 Fun valentine’s Day date ideas will help you to enjoy your holiday with the most special person in your life and let him or her know that any day can be fun and excited if you two are together.

21 Fun Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


  1. Devise a classic picnic at your nearby park and enjoy the day with you partner only with nobody else around.
  2. Despite wasting your day in a crowded place like restaurant or any coffee shop, watch a fun romantic movie with your partner and have fun all the day.
  3. Serenade her/ him, even if you are not a good singer just feel free and sin g your best song for your love.
  4. Cook together on valentine day and enjoy the day by doing tingling and create a funny atmosphere there.
  5.  Can’t go wrong with flowers and chocolate, this might just be the most classic romantic idea. Make it white chocolate if you want a bit of originality there.
  6. Go for horse riding with your partner and let you both free in open air.
  7. Treat her to a spa day, where either A. You do the work. Or B. Get her a gift card to a spa.
  8. If you live near the shore and it’s warm, go for a walk. If it’s not warm? BONUS! Give her your jacket to wear for the date.
  9. If you live in the city, go to the local park and find a water fountain. Take a bunch of pennies and make wishes one at a time out loud while throwing them in.
  10. Get up and watch the sunrise. Stay for the sunset too. It’ll feel closely intimate when you realize you spent the whole day with each other.
  11. Find a good desert recipe online. Go shopping for ingredients together or have them ready if you want it to be a planned date. Bake together!
  12. Head towards the local karaoke bar and feel free to sing and dance in front of whole public. Say all the special words to your sweetheart and get relieve from all tensions.
  13. Tea houses are gaining in popularity all over the world, so why not spend some time in one with your date in one? You can experiment with teas you’ve never had the chance to try before and have fun in new sumptuous taste.
  14. Another great bonding experience is hitting the rink with your date, whether it is the ice rink or roller rink. Even if you can’t skate very well, you’ll find that your date might be impressed with your willingness to go out and do something that you may not be all that great at.
  15. Buy a few roses. Place them in places you know she visits throughout the day.
  16. Try homemade ice cream! Come up with your own fun toppings, you’ll learn a lot from this about each other.
  17. Laughter isn’t only the best medicine; it can also help spur on the romance. Going to a comedy show – be it standup, sketch or improve – is a great way to break the ice and have a great time in the process.
  18.  Sharpies ‘n White Tees. Write a poem on the back of her shirt. Or a picture…or song lyrics…anything romantic! Fun idea for a date!
  19.  If it’s too cold, make a picnic inside with hot chocolate.
  20. Send her a funny valentine card which says I love you but in a impish way.
  21. Gift her something like ice cream and chocolates on valentine day which apparently express your emotions to her.

Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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