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Fun First Date Ideas

Now that you’ve gone ahead and asked her out, are you looking for a few Fun Dating Ideas to totally beguile her with your charm? Even though first impressions are not always the last ones yet first dates are, indeed, always special. No matter what you do in life, your first date will never ever come back. It is going to be a memory that will last you a lifetime. Ruining your first date, therefore, will not be topping your series of agendas, right? So how do you make your first date ultra special? The answer is right before your eyes! Here’s a List of Date Ideas for you to employ and carve out a rendezvous that will be gladly etched in your memory.

Your peer group has probably briefed you with the essentials to remember when you go for a first date like dressing well and being chivalrous. Your friends might also have bombarded you with an assortment of Fun Dates Ideas that they think are in vogue and innovative. But hey! Are you cent percent sure that you would actually run the risk of trying out something out-of-the-box and getting canned if something goes hay-wire? Don’t get too worked up and simply pick out a few Ideas for a First Date that we have conjured up for you. We present to you a few generic but Best First Date Ideas that will gear you up for the most exclusive day of your life.

Fun First Date Ideas

Peep into some great Fun First Date Ideas to leave your lady craving for more!

Fun First Date Ideas

Coffee Shops

Old school but efficacious, coffee shops have seen friendships fostering just as love blooming between two individuals. Catching up over a mug of coffee is the safest option if you are not very familiar with the girl you’ve met. After all, the first date is the stepping stone to getting involved into a relationship that could go in for a long haul. It is a Casual First Date Idea not doubt, but it also runs the train of minimum risks. Don’t forget your chivalry though, pull out the chair for her before you grab yours.


Whoever told you that going for a movie or watching a musical on your first date is a bad idea is has completely lost it. You could watch a movie, go for a concert, attend a play or simply laugh away at a comedy show. This could help you break the ice, and something to talk about for the rest of the evening. Go for coffee after the show and if you both still feel very chatty, lengthen the evening by dining together.

Play Games

Is she athletic and would love to play a game or two for a date? Well, it is a great idea to indulge in some games before sitting down for a hearty meal together. Play her favorite game if you are good at it. Or simply take her bowling, teach her how to play pool and get a little romantic.

Get Outdoorsy

Take her out camping or on long treks. Do river rafting or climb a rock to get your adrenaline pumping in your veins. Go out for fishing or simply strike up a cycling race. Whatever it is, just get out of those locked doors! This is a nice way to get to know each other up close and personal. You will also get a peek into how compatible you both actually are.


Are you a good singer? Show off your skills at a Karaoke club and impress her with your extraordinary talent. If she likes music and is fond of singing, let her allure you with her voice. Just do it anyway. Its innovative and a Fun Idea for Dates.


If you both like dancing, hit the dance floor as you go clubbing. Swirl her around and grind your way into her heart. Getting a drink together could really ease you both up and lighten the atmosphere with the swaying crowd and the overwhelming music thumping through the walls.

Long Drive

If she is comfortable with you and is fond of indulging in the aesthetics of nature, bring your keys out and take her for a long, serene drive. Stop by a lake or a meadow and let the nature seep in. Get involved in deep but non-controversial conversations. You both will definitely be making follow-ups sooner or later.


Pack a picnic basket with some light eateries and pick her up for a long day at the road. Embark on a road trip, explore places and when you both find a suitable place, settle down and gorge on the food. Picnics are refreshing for people coming from all walks of life and not just children.


Beat the heat as you go scuba-diving with her. Beaches are a hot-spot for dating as they provide a galore of possibilities. You can swim underwater holding hands, rent a paddle board and surf the waves or just hop on a jet ski and zoom off. By nightfall, take stroll along the soft tides, make sand castles and eat your dinner at a shack. A perfect idea for a first date, isn’t it?


Gigs are fantastic for a smooth sailing date idea. You will have a plenty of time to grab a drink and get to know each other, but whilst the band are playing. Don’t fill the hours with ceaseless talking. You will get to know what music your date is into and have a go to talking point of reference.

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