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First Date Etiquettes

First Date etiquettes will help you to learn the ways to impress the opposite gender and make sure to leave your date with some good things to remember. First date makes you jumpy about almost everything, like your dressing, timing, and words to exchange, what gifts or things you must do in your first date. You are meeting for the first time to your date and need to make an impression for a second date. Be it any year of your lifetime, first date etiquettes lets you express yourself in the best way and make you simply irresistible. It’s natural for us to feel nervous on our first date as everything is indefinite and the only thing we can do is to work on ourselves. We need to know the things that can avoid us getting trapped into awkward moments.

There are certain first date etiquettes that you must learn to attract your partner and fascinate their heart with your personality and manners on date.

First Date Etiquettes

Have a look and follow our Top 21 First Date Etiquettes to play safe in the dating arena and charm your date with your flawless love signs.

Top 21 First Date Etiquettes

  1. Don’t let your partner feel bore on date and make sure to enjoy the date with some good talks and food.
  2. Give your partner full attention by making an eye contact. The other person must feel that you are interesting in listening his/her words and giving him full value and time.
  3. Compliment your date with good words. Recognize their effort to look good in front of you.
  4. Don’t stare to your date badly and give importance to his/her words more than physical appearance.
  5. Don’t ever miss your date before the prior notice to them. It is simply unacceptable to wait for someone and wasting time.
  6. Be on time and never be late, it shows lack of respect for other and time also. So be on time and prepare well for transportation.
  7. Charm him/her with your panache, confident body language and sense of proper greeting.
  8. Never be flashy or extravagant. It does not show any manners and etiquettes to throw your cards on table and order expensive champagne to impress the other person with your wealth rather impress the opposite gender with your simplicity and real human inside you.
  9. Maintain an eye-contact throughout your conversations. This is very important to show and draw interest.
  10. Smoking excessively during a date is bad form, unless your partner also enjoys chain-smoking. In general, smoking in a restaurant will do nothing for your image and shows crass disregard for others.
  11. Don’t be so arrogant with your date and be polite to your partner with the topics you discuss. So it advisable not to discuss politics and religion on your first date makes other uncomfortable by forcing your views on them.
  12. Listen to your date and don’t talk much. You listening ability shows your power to compromise for others. Date is time to know each other rather than tell about your auto biography.
  13. Look good on your date and be presented. Your nice clothes will enhance your look and show your eagerness and interest in date as well.
  14. Good smell. Scientist has proved that your smell is much bigger factor of attraction than looks. Always used good perfume and be clean and sophisticated on your date.
  15. Don’t use bad language and pay respect to your date.
  16. Never discuss your prior dates and persons you have slept with.
  17. Don’t be rude even you are not attracted to your date. Be gentle and try to be friend with them, it is not mandatory to be attracted romantically to your date but being a human you can have good time with other persons.
  18. Make sure your date feels comfortable at all times, and never do anything that might make them uncomfortable. Also, a man should always make sure his date gets home safely in a cab or by other means.
  19. Call your date when you said you will, leaving someone hanging for your call and time is very bad manners and unacceptable to everyone. Be honest to your date and be with them if you really can and want to be.
  20. Avoid slouching or leaning on your elbow at the dining table as this shows you as a rude and unladylike.
  21. If you like anything about your date, be courteous to let him/her know about it. Give a nice compliment without going overboard on flattering.
  22. Be considerate on what you order. Order something of mid range and gently ask for their choice. If he/she is ordering an appetizer or a starter salad follow the lead and order one for yourself. This will help in maintaining the chatting and eating at the same time.
  23. At last, a gentleman should always pay the bill.


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