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Romantic Dating Tips For Married Couple

Dating Tips for Married Couple are the stepping stones to continue a healthy and blissful married life. With the hustle and bustle of contemporary life we tend to take our partners for granted at times. With a little bit of planning and effort one can bring back the lost energy and passion into the married life. Dating after marriage is much necessary as it rejuvenates love and romance in married life and create the romantic and exciting moments in your life. Dating tips for married couple are much about enjoying even after the busy schedules of office and household.

It is important to get out of the normal routine at times and if possible, go on a trip. If not anything make out time to go out for a long evening walk and share out things or refresh the old lost memories. It is vital to keep up the thrill and excitement between a husband and wife even after many years of tying the knot. The ecstasy can be sustained and even improved upon, if only courting never ends because the key component of courting is dating.

Romantic Dating Tips For Married Couple

Make proper arrangements for your partner and let him/her know that you still love them and your passion for them has not ended through dating tips for married couple.  Even after marriage there are much option and advices for dating married couple.

5 Dating Tips for Married Couple


  • Explore New Places– Visit somewhere you haven’t met before, explore your town with your partner and find new experience and joy in something you have never been and face. Make your date more romantic by selecting a romantic destination and a sunny date with erotic ambience around.
  • Relive Those Memories- Remembering your best time with your partner by visiting all the memorable places you have been dating before marriage. Sharing all your thoughts and good memories with partner at that time is a fantastic idea of dating.
  • Dance Moves on the Roof– No matter if you are married you can still enjoy with you partner and seek out their best from all the small things around. Doing something which is different from daily routine, it itself is romantic and mesmerizing and dating like teenagers and doing fun activities without caring about the reputation and future. Just enjoy with your partner in the best possible way you can.
  • A Date With Cute Animals- Animals are proved to be great mood changers and you can take your wife to some horse stable or ostrich farms for a different experience and a fun date with mate. You have men married since years and dating tips for married couple can give you new and creative ideas to spend a quality time with your partner.
  • ‘Hide’ N ‘Seek’- Plan a surprise game for her and buy a gift for your spouse to make her cherish and feel beloved by you. Hide that gift in your home and start giving her hints to find it and make your game more suspicious and exciting by giving some romantic hints and kissing her by passing every step of hint as reward. After marriage it will be your great date with your partner and will be the remember one for life time.

Be the interesting and creative one for a date and make it sure to follow these dating tips for married couple to make your married life fascinating and impish even after this long period of time.

Dating Tips After Marriage


  1. Write down your love story in your own words and get it printed and give her as gift.
  2. Give her list of reason why you love her
  3. Attend a fall festival together
  4. Take a stroll around the block – hold hands as you walk
  5. Go swimming in the middle of the night
  6. Rent a classic love story video, microwave some popcorn and watch the video while cuddling.
  7. Stop in the middle of your busy day and talk to your spouse for 15 minutes
  8. Put a puzzle together on a rainy evening
  9. Share a milkshake with two straws
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