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Important Dating Rules For Women

Dating rules for women are set of rules which must be followed by women to make their date successful. In our society, we have rules for everything so does dating. Dating rules for women are like rules for playing game to win it. When these rules are followed by women successfully. They are sure to impress their men and make their dating a long run relationship. Dating is fun game and you can make men think and inclined towards you by using dating rules for women.

Dating rules for women are not fixed and can be mould person to person. But there are some specific rules which must be implementing by all women to make their date more significant in their relationship. Dating rules for women include all the dating etiquettes from dressing up till saying goodbye. Women does have good image in front of men and should maintain their dignity by following dating rules for women which will not let you cross the line. Here you can find some dating rules for women in the list given below to help you to learn the dating etiquettes.

Important Dating Rules For Women

Some Important Dating Rules For Women


  1. No matter, how excited you are. Look gorgeous for your date with light make-up and shiny lipstick to attract your date. Looking beautiful is one of your advantages, don’t loose it any cost.
  2. Don’t confide everything and be little enigmatic to keep his interest in you.
  3. Lees is more in starting dates. Just don’t stretch your dates.
  4. Be prepared for your date and get in shape. You need to impress the guy with your mind as well as your body.
  5. Give him chance to show etiquettes and give you good care and pay the bills.
  6. As women’s privilege allows you to go late on date, enjoy it. Don’t show up at time to relegate yourself.
  7. You must be busy always when he wants to talk to you either it is on phone or meeting. Let him at least thrice to contact you and wait for your reply.
  8.  Fix your date on the opposite time, location and day, he asked you for.
  9. When he is free, you are busy for your friends and shopping. It is impossible to cancel your prior commitments for just date.
  10. Learn to kiss, if you don’t want to loose your date.
  11. Don’t discuss your ex with him that is your private concern and must be inside your thoughts only.
  12. Don’t assume anything and wait till he reveals himself.
  13. If any man shows the slightest signs of possessiveness or insecurity, run like the wind. Life is too short for boys.
  14. Make sure he is hygienic and clean before getting into worst.
  15.  Don’t compare him with your father on first date only. Give him some time to show you his talent.
  16. Let him chase you and don’t show your desperation and alacrity even if you are.
  17. If you like someone go get him with your looks and flirting signals, don’t just wait for the good time to happen.
  18. You may well have all the bodily functions of a man, just try not to demonstrate them early on.
  19. Don’t discuss you future dreams of family with him on your first few dates.
  20. Never ever criticize his mother unless you want to remain single.
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