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Dating Rules For Men

Dating rules for men and dating rituals have been there for years and every individual has their own set of dating rules which are quite significant for them but the common dating rules for men can easily make you an expert in reeling the best fish from the pool. Though most of the women are aware of dating rules and strategies of men but surely they don’t know all of them. These clandestine dating rules for men will be the biggest support for you while dating your love interest.

Dating rules for men can make a big difference between a good date from the bad ones while making a good impression on your date with all the dating etiquettes and manners. Women are not easy to woo and more over when they are aware of the common dating tips. Get secure from embarrassing moments in front of your crash and ensure to make a remarkable impression on her.

Dating Rules For Men

Avoid doing things which can land you both in awkward situations. Find some unique dating rules for men in the mentioned list and make them your priority before planning out a date.

9 Basic Dating Rules for Men

Get you best clothes and shoes on– Your styling and clothing is going to make the first impression about your personality in her mind. So select the best   tailored suit to wear on your first date and show her that you can take care of her very well like you are so concerned about your own looks.

Be clean and hygienic Women appreciate your cleanliness and hygienic routine. So when you are planning to date a woman, get shaved and have nice haircut at saloon. Make it sure to have good quality cologne and a grooming kit to skip the embarrassing moment with your girl.

Talk ambitious– Every woman has desire to have a settled man who is ambitious in life. If you have a good job then you have already won half of the war but in case you don’t then clear out your career planning and future scopes. Doing so will save her from thinking negatively about you. Be prepare to answer the questions about your future plans and career growth as these questions are sure to pop up even in your romantic date.

Don’t exhibit your love for drink Asking your date for a drink of cocktail is fine at a nice place but giving her an impression of staying up there for late nights and regular visitor is not at all a sign of long run relationship.  Dating rules for men is quite strict for men in drinking and force them to leave their most favourable thing for lady.

Don’t try to be physical – Dating rule for men want you to learn the basic lesson and that is being patient. If you really want to win the heart of a girl you love then wait and show your patience and wait for the right moment before making any physical relation with her.

Show your mom’s teachings and manners– Show her all the respect by holding the open door for her and know how to eat in restaurant. Show to your girl that you have actually respected your mom and listened to her, you need to cheat your own habits of laziness, dirtiness and rudeness.

Listen to her– If you really want to entertain a girl then talk less and listen more and more. Listen to her and know her by taking interest in her words and remembering everything she tells you. A man proves to be a gentle man only if he can make his girl comfortable and free to talk.

Learn to Dance– Women love to dance and this can pull both of you closer. You can be the world’s worst dancer but with a little bit of effort you can master it. Try joining salsa and ballroom classes. Though you might not be the Travolta but at least have an idea of the basics of rhythms.

Be mysterious… but not weirdRemember not to volunteer any information about past relationships, your family or your job right away. Your woman will keep you guessing about her, so you need to do the same in return. Maintaining some intrigue keeps the spice in dating. Let her tease information out of you slowly. Make her think that she’s “winning” this game, even as you control the flow of information. Just make sure you don’t get too creepy about it, or you could end up scaring her off.

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