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Crazy Date Ideas

Fun, love and craziness defines your life and the same you want to add to your dating spree, then just follow up with these Crazy Date Ideas. Forget about those boring and typical traditional dates where you have to be too formal. Feel free to have some time out with your “someone special” and enjoy a fun date. Impress your date with a completely different experience, make him or her go through that thrill of excitement and wackiness. Time to laugh, have fun with each other, roam around the city, doing adventurous activities would definitely add up the spice to your relationship.


There is a lot to do on a crazy date you just have to absorb these Crazy Dating Ideas to delight in your date. We have organized some simple and wacky Fun Date Ideas for you to revel in the spirit of dating with a difference. Be active and fun take him or her to some place where you two could enjoy the time together. At times its important to go crazy and wacky in life, as no one likes boring, monotonous or humdrum partners. So, just follow these Fun Crazy Date Ideas and let your life flow with new thrill and excitement.




Here are a few Crazy Dating Ideas which will let you fill your new or old relationship with pecks of craziness.


Rent it out

Rent a bike or a cycle and go for a long ride together in and around your locality. Its going to be a lot of fun to enjoy a long bike ride with your date on a highway or on a green road. It is an equally romantic as well as a Crazy Date Idea, which will be cherished by both of you.



A very easy and fun way to have a unique date but with a crazy twist. Come up with some creative ideas for a bonfire party and have a good time with your date. Bonfire could be equally romantic as well as crazy depending on the theme of you have decided for the night.


Surprise Tour

Plan a small trip for this weekend to a fun place around the city, but make sure you keep it a secret from your date. Surprising him or her on a crazy date, away from the usual life, doing crazy things will enlighten your relationship.


Paint Ball Day

Nothing could be more fun than having a day out at the paint ball field, enjoying and having fun with your date. Its a crazy way to enjoy a sweet and competing date that you might love to cherish for life.


Local Park

Local parks are meant for people who want to enjoy the cold breeze and  shadow of trees. Set a picnic with your date and to make it a bit crazy, play board game or take a long walk through the park and many more. It is completely up to you and your imagination, how you define the terms crazy and fun.


Seasonal Activity

Be it summer, spring or winters every season carries its own charm, you just have to keep a note of events happening around the corner. Among the fun date ideas, this could be one of the most interesting one. Be it a comedy show, rock concert and some other seasonal activity, one can always plan a crazy date like this.


Go Camping

Nothing could be more happening than moving out from the city noise and camping in the woods.  One can always enjoy a crazy date surrounded by woods with him or her. Have a full itinerary planned for your day and add some crazy stuff to just enjoy the day.


Sport it up

Out from your wildest dreams pick up a sport that you and your date could enjoy with each other. Craziness is a way of having fun in a romantic relationship. Gaming around on your date would be a healthy way of having fun.


Fun in Zoo

Its always fun to go back and remember those wonderful days of enjoying a fun time in a zoo. There is always a chance of recollecting your childhood memories with your date. Take him or her to a Zoo and together find those forgotten memories.

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