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Catholic Dating Advices

Dating as a catholic is not exactly the same as dating for the rest of the world. For starters there are rules and by rules I mean there are certain Catholic Dating Advices that you need to follow while interacting with an individual of the opposite gender as I’m sure most Catholics are already aware of. But then again it isn’t really all that different; you feel the same adrenaline rush that you would feel when asking someone out for the first time as everybody else, you will experience the same chemicals reacting in your brain when you’re with them and you will experience the exact same emotions as any other person when the opposite person says yes. Catholic dating isn’t all that different and yet not the same.  As I have mentioned earlier there are rules, but most importantly there is one thing you might want to keep in mind – the only acceptable reason of dating is if you’re looking for someone you are willing to spend the rest of your life with. Any other motive is a strict no-no! If you don’t see things going anywhere breaking things off is always the best option.

There used to be a time when the only way you could meet a ‘nice catholic single’ was either in your church or through your parents. But then someone commercialised internet and now there is a third option we know as Catholic Online Dating. There are numerous Catholic Dating Services online which can point you in the right direction.  But the only thing these sites do is point you in the right direction while the rest is up to you.

Catholic Dating Advices

So if you think you have figured out your love interest, here are couple of Catholic Dating Advices solely crafted for you to have a happy end.

Catholic Dating Advices


  • Don’t keep your families in the dark: You should tell both your families about your decision when you start dating. One basic reason for this would be that the whole secrecy aspect adds a certain artificial intensity that is bound to cloud your judgement. It might seem all exciting but in the long run it can cause lapse in your judgement (never a good thing).
  • Watch Your Conversations:  This is probably the most over used expression you might have ever heard but I’ll say it again just for emphasis. If you want to have a healthy relationship, then watch what you say. It just takes a small slip of tongue and you can end up ruining everything. Always think about what you’re going to say. Speaking on impulse: never a good idea. Someone once said “A wise man talks because he has something to say and a foolish man talks because he has to say something so even a fool who is silent can be considered wise”
  •  Be honest about who you are: This has to be the most clichéd advice ever given to anyone in the history of advice but that doesn’t make it any less true. Here is the simple logic behind it, if you need to pretend to be something you’re not to gain the affections of your significant other, you, my friend are in a messed up relationship. So if you’re looking for a meaningful relationship,
    Ladies, feel free to order that large fries at Mc Donalds if you’re hungry
    Gentlemen, don’t be afraid to admit that you like a chick-flick and shed a tear every now and then
  • Turn your cell phones OFF: when you’re on a date or when you’re with your significant other you should be with only them and not with the rest of the world. Stop texting, tweeting, updating your status on Facebook and start paying attention to him/her. Talk to your date get to know the person sitting opposite/next to you, tell a joke, have a laugh or even just stare at each other. Anything but texting, tweeting or updating your Facebook status.
  • Ask Questions: Now this is a territory where you must tread lightly. Ask as many questions as you want, you are trying to get to know them but let your date ask questions too and answer them truthfully. If you’re on a first date don’t try getting too personal take things a little slow

There are a million do’s and don’ts and if we go through all of them you could be here till kingdom come but ultimately the bottom line is make sure your date is comfortable and not bored.

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