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100 Unique Date Ideas

Are you bored of the conventional notions of planning a date and looking for some fresh and creative date ideas? Then make your next date with your partner exciting and enjoyable with our 100 unique date ideas. These creative date ideas will make your date interesting and enthusiastic enough to engage your beloved partner. These out of the box romantic date ideas will keep your date indulging and exciting. These 100 unique date ideas will definitely rejuvenate and spice up your relationship.


So if you already had enough of the stereotype date ideas of lavish eating out and exotic vacations then take a cue from our 100 unique date ideas to plan your next date in an imaginative yet romantic way. This assorted list of creative date ideas will help you take a break from the cliche notions of dating and infuse some freshness and exhilaration in your love life. Also it is good to plan something unique and special every now and then. It keeps your relation lively and helps you beat the monotony of life. Besides, doing something out of the league and fun stuff together will bring you both closer, adding to the chemistry you guys share.


100 Unique Date Ideas


Look through the following 100 unique date ideas to plan an innovative weekend with your lovely mate. So make an impact on your date with the romantic and creative date ideas from the following segment.


100 Unique Date Ideas


  1. Rent a chopper
  2. Indoor sports like carom, paint ball etc.
  3. Spooky date i.e. going to a haunted house (not a real one) or watching horror movies.
  4. Old fashioned eateries
  5. Dinner date at home
  6. Fortune teller
  7. Historical site
  8. Nature walk
  9. Horse riding
  10. Adventure Park
  11. Cook a new dish at home together
  12. Watch movie at home
  13. Exhibition
  14. Planetarium
  15. Shopping
  16. Camping
  17. Water park
  18. Head to the Opera or Play
  19. Farm Trips
  20. Aquarium
  21. Wild Safari
  22. Take a Vineyard Tour
  23. Go for an evening walk
  24. Spend an evening at a beach
  25. Live Jazz
  26. Pottery or painting workshops
  27. Stand up shows
  28. Go to a Casino
  29. Karaoke Bar
  30. Rock concert
  31. Watch a Football, Tennis or Cricket Game
  32. House Decorating
  33. Boating
  34. Go to Zoo or bird watching
  35. Clubbing
  36. Carnival
  37. Fairs
  38. Go to a restaurant with a view
  39. Book Reading date
  40. Watch sun rise or sunset together
  41. Pool party
  42. Bungee Jumping
  43. Extravagant Brunch
  44. Card Game
  45. Your own tap dance class at home
  46. Long Drive
  47. Go Carting
  48. Hot air balloon date
  49. Gardening
  50. Painting the tree house together
  51. Visit to an ice cream or chocolate factory
  52. Crossword puzzle solving date
  53. Video games date
  54. Challenge your mate for a Badminton or Tennis game
  55. Road trip
  56. Go to a Stripper’s Club together
  57. Take your Cameras and go to an abandoned place in your city.
  58. Play Truth and Dare
  59. French fries or pizza eating competition.
  60. Go for a carriage ride
  61. Give each other a massage
  62. Take a long luxurious bubble bath together
  63. Get drunk together
  64. Cruise vacation
  65. Fly a kite
  66. Play Scrabble
  67. Go for hiking
  68. Learn a new language together
  69. Play miniature golf
  70. Go for a bike ride around the city
  71. Get similar tattoos together
  72. Challenge your partner for a swimming competition
  73. Plan a strip tease evening.
  74. Go for sky diving or paragliding.
  75. Play a treasure hunt game in your house hiding your sensuous photos as treasure.
  76. Plan a bonfire party for the two of you and narrate scary stories.
  77. Compete over who can do more push-ups.
  78. Go out in the middle of the night to have an ice-cream or coffee
  79. Watch a Victoria Secrets Fashion Show together
  80. Spend a night chatting by the fireplace
  81. Play hide and seek in the rain
  82. Have a silly photography session
  83. Brew beer at home
  84. Play with your pet together
  85. Sing a romantic song to your lover
  86. Watch a silent movie and together try to guess what they are talking about. Its real fun.
  87. Take a walk around the local nursery
  88. Go cycling to the quieter part of the city
  89. Enrol for a mud run in your town
  90. Go for a picnic
  91. Play a childhood game
  92. Read an erotic novel together
  93. Spend a night stargazing and cuddling
  94. Take your partner for a surprise trip
  95. Head to a firework show
  96. Sign up for the half marathon in the city
  97. Make a stuffed toy together
  98. Watch your favourite TV show together
  99. Play pranks on each other
  100. Go for a swing in the neighbourhood park together
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