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Funny Valentines Day Cards

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I for one am already a tad tired of the same old ‘I love you’ and ‘Will you be mine’ and the classic ‘Roses are red…’ rhymes and I’m pretty sure your girlfriend/boyfriend is a bit tired of getting the same kind of greeting too. I mean there is only so much cheese one can take. So this Valentine’s Day why not do something different? Instead of making her/him coo (probably fake coo) why not make her laugh with a funny V-Day card? I don’t recall the Valentine’s Day Manual saying anything against laughter. Just because it is the ‘season of love’ doesn’t mean comedy is banned and funny Valentine’s Day cards are a blasphemy. So instead of getting her a tired old valentine greeting with a massive heart on it that says ‘I love you’ (yawn!) give her a card that says “Is your name WiFi? Because I’m feeling a connection” A little word of caution: Funny cards are ideal if you’re pretty confident about your relationship status and/or you’ve been going out together for a respectable period of time otherwise you’ll just come across as cocky and a smart-mouth (not good). Do it right and you’ll come across as adorable, funny and cute (very good).

So ladies and gentlemen we present you our collection of some ridiculously funny Valentine’s Day card that will definitely bring a smile on your Significant Other’s face.

Funny Valentines Day Cards


Funny Valentines Day Cards 

Funny Valentines Day Cards

Funny Valentines Day Cards

Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentines Day Pictures

Valentines Day eCards

Valentine’s Day Cards for Him

Valentines Day SMS

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